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Thanks to the UK, we only know the truth of glass water pipes!

by linbin on June 15, 2020


  Recently, there have been a lot of negative news about glass water pipes all over the world. The European Union and the FDA of the United States have formulated more stringent restrictions. Hong Kong has announced a total ban on Glass Water Pipes ...

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  However, a "clean flow" in the glass water pipes industry-Britain has once again demonstrated the important role of glass water pipes in reducing tobacco hazards with practical actions and data.

  A latest public health report (PHE) released in England points out that as UK officials continue to support the reduction of tobacco hazards through glass water pipes, so far at least 1.3 million people have completely quit smoking due to online headshop, and the public should "thank glass water pipes"!

  In the UK, glass water pipes is still the most popular assisted smoking cessation method. According to statistics of the British Health Organization, glass water pipes can improve the success rate of smoking cessation by about 50% and reduce the health risk by at least 95% compared with cigarettes.

  Compared with other countries and regions that have adopted restrictive policies on glass water pipes, this report has become the best comparison of the results achieved by Britain in adopting relaxed policies on glass water pipes. In fact, glass water pipes has not only caused no harm to users, but has been helping smokers get rid of the harm caused by cigarettes.

  British officials have always held a positive attitude towards glass water pipes, and the actual data also show the correctness of British policies.

  On the other hand, Hong Kong, China, previously said that it would only restrict the purchase of glass water pipes by minors, but a few days ago Hong Kong's attitude reversed 180 degrees, completely banning the production, sale and import of glass water pipes products.

  Similarly, the U.S. FDA last month, citing "cracking down on young people's use of glass water pipes," is preparing to enact relevant legislation to completely ban the online sale of water pipes for sale products and has sent more than 1,000 warning letters to manufacturers and sellers of glass water pipes products in the United States, which is the largest mandatory intervention in FDA's history.

  In these letters, FDA requires these companies to produce evidence within 60 days to prove that they can keep minors away from products containing nicotine. If they cannot prove it, FDA may ban products with candy and other flavors, such as bubble gum and cream, which they believe can attract people of this age group.

  On the issue of glass water pipes, the United States lags far behind Britain in both official attitude and actual data.

  According to the British public health report, there are currently about 2.5 million people using glass water pipes in the UK, 51% (nearly 1.3 million people) have completely quit smoking, and another 49% of glass water pipes users say they are also trying to quit smoking.

  In the United States, about 2.6 million glass water pipes users will stop smoking cigarettes as of 2016, but considering that the population of the United States is six times that of the United Kingdom, this ratio is dwarfed by that of the United Kingdom.

  There is more and more evidence that electronic cigarettes are helping thousands of smokers in Britain to quit smoking. The existing evidence from research experiments shows that the effectiveness of smoke shop online is similar to that of prescribed smoking cessation drugs and even better than NRT (nicotine replacement therapy) products without any professional support.

  If you can cooperate with local smoking cessation services and get professional guidance from experts, glass water pipes is very effective for smoking cessation.

  Obviously, Britain is a paradise for glass water pipes users, because they pay more attention to the actual effect and significance of glass water pipes. Perhaps, they only want to do some practical good for smokers. This relatively "simple" way of thinking leads to the loose policy of glass water pipes. The attitude of decision makers determines the attitude of the public. Glass water pipes users in Britain are getting rid of the harm of tobacco, while glass water pipes users in Europe and America, many of whom have given up glass water pipes and rekindled cigarettes ...