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Tobacco taste is not the favorite of glass dab rigs users!

by linbin on June 15, 2020


  Researchers from the Substance Use Research Center (CSUR) studied a 2016 survey of more than 20,000 glass dab rigs users to determine the usual taste preferences of US water pipes for sale users. The results of the study are surprising because the study found that most glass dab rigs users actually prefer non-tobacco flavors of fruits and sweets.

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  The research is led by Dr. Christopher Russell, who has led several other studies on glass dab rigs in the past. The researchers sent survey invitations to members of four "consumer and trade organizations", including the smokeless substitution association (CASAA), the smokeless substitution trade association (SFATA), the American Vaping association (AVA) and the non-smoking consumer advocacy (NBS). Links to relevant surveys have also been posted on social media and forums such as ECF and Vapes Planet, and 20,836 surveys were available.

  According to survey data, most people who started using dab pen battery 3-5 years ago in 2016 chose tobacco as their first taste. However, the popularity of tobacco flavor and mint flavor has declined among people who have only recently started to use glass dab rigs. Since 2013, the fruit-flavored glass dab rigs aerosol has gradually replaced tobacco flavor as the most popular flavor for everyone to start using electronic cigarettes. The proportion of people who choose to buy dessert/pastry flavored aerosols for the first time using glass dab rigs also continues to rise.

  According to the tastes currently used by everyone, fruit/fruit beverage, dessert/cake and candy/chocolate are the most popular of all categories. Only 14.8% of smokers like tobacco flavor and 14.3% like mint flavor. About 40% of people will choose to mix two or more flavors. Even double users (who use glass dab rigs and traditional cigarettes at the same time) do not like the smell of tobacco. Only 15.9% of people like tobacco flavor and 16.3% choose mint flavor as their favorite.

  This result is meaningful to many vapers, because after quitting smoking, everyone will prefer those tastes that won't remind them to smoke. In addition, as taste buds gradually recover after quitting smoking, people will also prefer some sweet tastes.

  However, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been proposing to ban fruit and dessert flavors in glass dab rigs because he thinks fruits and other sweet electronic liquids are particularly attractive to young people. Scott Gottlieb, FDA Commissioner, said in a statement on the proposed regulations: "we find these tastes of glass dab rigs attractive to children, which may induce teenagers to smoke."

  FDA has tried once to ban spices (except tobacco and menthol) from smoke shop online products. But in fact, FDA has no clear evidence to prove that these tastes of glass dab rigs are attracting teenagers to smoke. However, Scott Gottlieb and other staff seem determined to push ahead with their plan. In order to make tobacco products less addictive and less attractive, FDA is preparing to ban a variety of glass dab rigs flavors.

  If the regulatory agency does ban the non-tobacco flavors of glass dab rigs, it will destroy the legal US glass dab rigs market. The flavors it wants to ban are the ones most people like now. If these flavors of glass dab rigs can no longer be sold, the glass dab rigs store and some online retailers will be severely hit and may face closure. Moreover, these tastes play an important role in helping smokers to reduce smoking and quit smoking. If these tastes are banned, will they be allowed to smoke cigarettes again?