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A sharp drop in tobacco sales! Japan tobacco company lays out glass dab rigs

by linbin on June 15, 2020


  Tobacco giants around the world have been affected by the decline in global tobacco sales. Therefore, Japan water pipes for sale has just announced that it expects its profits to decrease in 2018. They pointed out that the "shrinking market" is forcing tobacco manufacturers to diversify.

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  Japan Tobacco Company, as a major tobacco supplier in the Asian market, initially estimated a profit of 394 billion yen (24.162 billion yuan) in 2018. Now, however, the forecast has dropped to 377 billion yen (23.12 billion yuan), down almost 4% from last year's earnings.

  Japan Tobacco Company, a historic landmark in the tobacco industry lookah seahorse pro, sells camel cigarettes and Winston cigarettes outside the U.S. market. The decline in their sales proves the decline in global cigarette consumption, a trend that is likely to worsen for cigarette manufacturers in the coming months.

  The company said that in the past few months, new investments have offset the decline in traditional cigarette sales. After many more  acquisitions, JT was able to enter the glass dab rigs field, and product diversification should help it withstand the recent decline in revenue.

  In the Japanese market, Japan Tobacco Company's cigarette sales fell by more than 12% in just one year. For this reason, they are trying to make up some of the losses by investing in new products. Ploom Tech, a new type of tobacco heating equipment, went public in June this year, and Japan Tobacco hopes it will generate new revenue.

  For large tobacco companies, joining the glass dab rigs market is a crucial strategy if they want to continue to develop. The rapid decline in global tobacco consumption has shocked the big tobacco manufacturer. In order to offset the decline in traditional cigarette sales, they will focus more on the glass dab rigs market in the future.