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U.S. research report points out that glass dab rigs are more beneficial to smokers than cigarettes

by linbin on June 13, 2020


  As for the glass dab rigs, it has always been "good things never go out, bad things spread far and wide". The public's understanding of glass dab rigs is based on these erroneous information, which is why there is great resistance to glass dab rigs.

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  As mentioned in the previous articles on this site, a survey data in the United States shows that more than half of Americans do not really understand glass dab rigs, and a considerable proportion of them have misunderstanding about water pipes for sale. These are actually because people have received wrong information, whether the information is intentionally or unintentionally conveyed, in short, it affects people's attitude towards glass dab rigs.

  Britain has always held a positive and optimistic attitude towards the harm reduction effect of glass dab rigs. In a few years, relevant research reports and statistical results have also proved that glass dab rigs is indeed less harmful than cigarettes and has better practical effects of quitting smoking and replacing cigarettes. This is also the basis for Britain to adopt a loose and active policy towards glass dab rigs for a long time.

  In fact, glass dab rigs has never lacked objective, accurate, true and positive research data. However, due to various reasons, these data cannot be transmitted to the public.

  A new research data shows that smokers are more beneficial after switching from cigarettes to glass dab rigs.

  Senior lecturer Alexis Bailey announced the preliminary results of his observational study on glass dab rigs at the Nicotine and Tobacco Research Summit SRNT in Munich last month.

  The study, called "smokeless brain", observed the effects of heavy smokers from smoking to lookah seahorse within 28 days.

  During the study, 31 participants focused on recording several health parameters, including psychological measurement, cardiovascular, quality of life, brain activity and toxic biological indicators.

  The collected data show that the psychological measurement parameters of the participants have significant changes and the toxic biological indicators have been significantly reduced.

  In addition, consistent with previous research results, switching from smoking to glass dab rigs can not only reduce smoking desire, but also reduce nicotine and specific nitrosamines ingested by users.

  "Smokeless Brain" Alexis Bailey made it clear: "Our preliminary results support glass dab rigs as an effective smoking cessation method, which can rapidly bring beneficial changes in various psychological factors and smoking desire."

  Dr Bailey also said: "but glass dab rigs is not completely risk-free, especially the new products in the market are also growing in large quantities."

  A study called "PATH" conducted by researchers at Penn State College of Medicine since 2017 also shows that smokers rely less on electronic devices than on burning cigarettes.

  The study is funded by the National Institutes of Health and the Tobacco Products Center and is based on the National Tobacco Use Survey.

  The research report pointed out that users of glass dab rigs are more inclined to use glass dab rigs after waking up in the morning than smokers.

  In addition, the researchers also found that water pipes online users have lower "addiction" and are more likely to stay in non-smoking areas for a long time without using glass dab rigs, which is different from some dysphoria and anxiety of smokers. glass dab rigs users behave more like ordinary people without smoking.

  Thus, it can be seen that glass dab rigs are not unnoticed. as glass dab rigs become more and more popular, the world has been carrying out relevant research on glass dab rigs.

  Most of these research results have positive positive significance, but whether they can be faithfully and smoothly communicated to the public is still the biggest problem.

  Please pay attention to us and bring you more, fresher, truer and more accurate Glasdabrigs information.