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"Misleading" Headlines Triggered Controversy, Scholars Beat Face: glass dab rigs Hurts Far Less Than

by linbin on June 13, 2020


  Recently, a lung sampling study around the use of glass dab rigs has been widely reported by many local news media such as New Zealand's Sun, Daily Mail and Irish Mail. However, some public health researchers said that "these reports are deranged" because media companies have not let the public know the evidence that the study shows that "glass dab rigs is far less harmful than traditional cigarettes".

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  Unpublished experimental results

  The experiment was planned by researchers from Athens University in Greece.

  The research method is to expose the four groups of mice to the smoke of traditional cigarette and water pipes for sale containing nicotine, and record the "damage of mouse lung cell slices" three days and four weeks later respectively.

  Three days later, inflammatory cells appeared in both the cigarette sample and the cell sections under the glass dab rigs sample. Four weeks later, cigarette samples and glass dab rigs samples also increased the number of inflammatory cells.

  However, the media did not fully disclose the experimental results. In the lung tissue examination results, only the experimental samples of traditional cigarettes showed lung degeneration, while glass dab rigs did not.

  Therefore, contrary to media reports, glass dab rigs does less damage to the lungs of mice than traditional cigarettes.

  Public Health Experts: Harm Reduction Is the Goal

  Dr Hayden McRobbie of the Auckland University of Science and Technology's Department of Public Health said:

  "when you take these findings into account, the evidence shows that although electronic cigarettes are not completely harmless, it is clear that glass dab rigs are far less toxic than traditional cigarettes."

  The comment was also supported by mihibairi, head of tobacco control advocacy at Hapai Te Hauora, who believes lookah seahorse pro is the "most promising" tool to reduce cigarette-related hazards.

  Blair said:

  "This is a study on mice, not humans, and it was conducted in Greece. Greece is one of the major tobacco producing countries with a high smoking rate in Europe, which is different from New Zealand, and most smokers are highly educated groups, which reflects the "low level of anti-smoking activities".

  "We cannot target glass dab rigs because of unbalanced reports or evidence to prove an ideological point of view. Reducing injuries should be the ultimate goal of all of us. "

  The perplexing glass dab rigs

  Looking at the current glass dab rigs research in the world, there are still many controversies. Except for the UK PHE Communique which has more detailed research results on glass dab rigs, the rest of the experiments are either sample problems or the experimental methods are beaten by scholars after exposure.

  However, water pipes online has experienced more than ten years of development since its inception, which makes people wonder, "A new technology based on harm reduction is a public health issue that smokers are concerned about. Why do many countries still say that glass dab rigs lacks direct evidence to prove its harm reduction effect?"

  In general, whether it is the pressure of public opinion or political considerations, research on people's health should be paid attention to. glass dab rigs is currently in need of more large-scale and all-round research to confirm its impact on public health and various advantages and disadvantages. Health-related units in various countries are also duty-bound and should actively carry out relevant research, which is the best explanation for smokers and second-hand smoke victims.