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The UK's glass dab rigs has been approved, and the survey shows that the number of users has exceede

by linbin on June 13, 2020


  According to a survey conducted by YouGov in cooperation with ASH (Action on Smoking and Health) and King's College, the number of people using glass dab rigs in Britain is almost half of those using traditional cigarettes, and this data also means that the number of people supporting the use of glass dab rigs in Britain is increasing.

glass water bongs

  The survey found that there are an estimated 3.2 million Glasdabrigs users in the UK and 7.4 million cigarette users.

  From the field survey conducted from February to March this year, the number of users of water pipes online has obviously increased, up about 400,000 compared with the 2.8 million people reported by ECigIntelligence a year ago in Britain, and the National Bureau of Statistics has also confirmed that the number in 2017 has increased by 12% compared with 2015.

  The YouGov survey found that 52% of glass dab rigs users have completely stopped using traditional tobacco products, while 44% are still dual users. At the same time, they also found that the proportion of non-smokers using glass dab rigs has slightly increased, now accounting for 4.2%, up 1.2% from 3% in previous years.

  Wrong idea

  Unbelievably, however, a survey of more than 12,000 adults also found that as many as 22% of smokers believe that glass dab rigs is more dangerous than traditional cigarettes. This figure is 6% higher than the 16% in 2015.

  However, the number of smokers who believe that glass dab rigs is safer than traditional cigarettes has also increased, from 22% in 2017 to 27% this year.

  Dr Leonie Brose, an addiction expert at King's College, said: "Some traditional smokers continue to mistakenly believe that the use of glass dab rigs is as bad as the use of traditional cigarettes. This is worrying. The UK public health department and the glass dab rigs group are very important to the campaign to promote correct views and must continue."

  However, it is gratifying to note that "the survey also found that the number of smokers using traditional tobacco products has dropped significantly, increasing by only 0.3% since 2016; Another statistic released by the Institute of Smoking Tools at the University of London found that "many glass dab rigs users have switched to using glass dab rigs oil with low nicotine content".

  Glass dab rigs users recognized

  At the same time, the insurance company Future Proof and the UK water pipes for sale Industry Association (UKVIA) launched the UK's first price comparison website, which allows glass dab rigs users to purchase tailor-made insurance packages separately from cigarette users. According to the insurance company, "a 40-year-old cigarette user who wants to obtain 200,000 pounds of life insurance within 25 years needs to pay 38.09 pounds per month, while non-smokers need to pay less than half of the cost, about 16.06 pounds per month."

  This is a very good phenomenon, because early insurance companies still classified glass dab rigs users as traditional smokers, and they must pay a high premium to enjoy the same insurance system as non-smokers. However, it is not used now, which also means that other industries agree that the risk of glass dab rigs is lower than that of traditional cigarettes.

  To sum up, after Europe changed the TPD to a lower level, Britain has established a more complete glass dab rigs system, which is also reflected in smokers.

  The number of people who are far away from traditional tobacco products is increasing, which indirectly proves that glass dab rigs has contributed to the tobacco control work in Britain.

  Although after JUUL's success in the U.S. market, there are many people's attitude towards lookah seahorse pro as "the next generation of popular tobacco products", compared with the traditional cigarette population that has increased every year, the proportion of non-smokers contacting glass dab rigs is still very low. I believe that glass dab rigs will have the opportunity to become a lifeline for hundreds of millions of smokers as long as the prevention and education of young people are done well.