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Lookah glass isn't safe, it's safer, and "UK results" takes you to the truth!

by linbin on May 18, 2020

  "I'm sure a lot of people are no strangers to cigarettes," he said.Now, although our country has made great efforts to ban smoking in public places, can the number of people who smoke be controlled?In fact, it has some effect.Many public places are free from the dangers of second-hand smoke.Many people still smoke, according to lookah glass. However, some say lookah glass is harmful.To see if lookah glass is harmful, according to a UK study, here's what lookah glass agents in hangzhou have to say.

  From smoking to lookah glass can improve heart health, according to UK research

  Lookah glass agents represent security issues for lookah glass

  Researchers at the UniversityofDundee in the United Kingdom found that, contrary to recent reviews from the AmericanHeartAssociation, long-term smokers who switched from tobacco to lookah glass significantly improved their heart-health indicators in as little as a month.

  Jacob George, professor of cardiovascular medicine and treatment at the UniversityofDundee in the United Kingdom, said: "when we switched from cigarettes to lookah glass, we found that abstinence rates were likely to average within a month, an increase of 1.5 percentage points."To better understand this, the rate of cardiovascular events, such as heart attacks, fell by 13 percent.

  Lookah glass usage increased by an average of 1.5 percent in a month.To better understand this, for every one percentage point increase in vascular function, the incidence of epilepsy decreased by 13 percent.)
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  The study, published in the journal of the American college of cardiology, is likely to be reviewed by health professionals around the world, especially given recent claims.A week before the report, in 2019 the American heart association science meeting published research results show that lookah glass has a negative effect on cholesterol levels, and therefore have a negative impact on the heart and brain health.Is.

  A study by the American heart association found that 45 lookah glass smokers had lower levels of total cholesterol and LDL (bad) cholesterol, while lookah glass smokers and smokers had lower cholesterol levels.This is not the first study to establish lookah glass bongs and heart disease based solely on correlation.

  This particular study found a cross-sectional link between the use of lookah glass bongs and high risk lipoprotein (cholesterol).Only based on the cross section, the researchers concluded that lookah glass bongs can increase bad cholesterol levels, and adverse effects on cardiovascular health.

  Biased studies always infer causation from correlation

  On his blog, MichaelSieger, a professor of community health at the Boston university school of public health, discusses some of the findings that every researcher should know about when discussing the AHA findings.

  In cross-sectional studies, causality must be carefully evaluated.Because such a research design is very chaotic, the third variable is the tobacco lookah glass bongs state and cholesterol levels.They're related, they seem to be related, but they're actually related to the third variable.

  As a result, he points out, the paper provides no evidence that vapor lookah glass increases cholesterol levels, which was obvious to the researchers, and is biased against vapor lookah glass products.

  Use lookah glass to improve endothelial function.

  It's important to stress that lookah glass is not safe, but when it comes to vascular health, lookah glass is much less harmful than cigarettes.

  In the study, funded by the British heart foundation, researchers recruited 114 long-term smokers who smoked at least 15 cigarettes a day for at least two years.They were divided into three groups, each for a month, and tested back and forth.One group kept smoking, a second group chose a nicotine-containing lookah glass, and a third group chose a nicotine-free lookah glass.

  The results showed that the smokers' endothelial function, which measures blood flow, improved significantly, regardless of whether the lookah glass they used contained nicotine or not.

  It's not safe, but it's safer.

  Finally, professor Jacob George stressed that their focus of study was to compare smoking and jet water pipes.Therefore, in this case, the results of this study should be taken into account.George said jet water pipes are unsafe and it must be stressed that jet water pipes are less harmful to tobacco health than tobacco.They should not be seen as non-smokers and young people will try to harmless device.