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Sc lookah recycler problems and opportunities in the domestic market

by linbin on May 18, 2020


  In the domestic market, lookah recycler agent sales channel has shifted from online, offline, part of the enterprise financial strength is insufficient, no offline product sales information resources lookah recycler quotient to exit the market gradually, this symbolized our country traditional lookah recycler industry has entered a stage of restructuring.Small brands based on online sales have already retired from the stage, the only way to survive in the future is the large and medium-sized brands with a certain amount of financial resources.

  Some people think that network ban on lookah recycler industry has its own advantages and disadvantages.The downside is that you have to stop managing your business online, and the upside is that you may have more confidence in the offline channel.

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  Lookah platinum agent

  He analyzed bullet finance.Compared with resource stores in stores, offline supermarkets and stores have limited resources.When everyone is focused on going offline, it inevitably leads to offline operating costs.The increase in competition will be, but on the other hand, the ability to operate, control, and operate offline channels is completely different from the ability to operate online.Many original online brands don't actually have the capacity to expand, and the advantage of the offline channel may be that some brands have already pulled out.

  The change and development of the sales channel lead to the change of the business management mode.As China lookah platinum company can continue to occupy the offline market, more and more funds are invested, the business model is becoming more and more serious.

  Like lookah recycler industry, the development of an industry can not completely get rid of light to heavy business management model.

  Compared with online channels, offline channel investment must be larger, otherwise there will be very few offline opportunities, so it is bound to develop in the direction of asset focus.Under this model, different companies can adopt different strategies, such as lighter franchising or heavier direct selling.

  Lookah platinum may continue to slide, but market economy expansion is not easy.

  Fang Hui think that offline channel expansion, mainly in three aspects: dealers ignorance of national policy, the user of lookah recycler of misunderstanding and lookah vicious competition between recycler agents.

  Research on offline sales channels to expand and development, is still the ordinary consumers cognitive problems, most of them don't understand lookah recycler, but also by the influence of some bad news on the Internet.

  Competition is intensifying.In the past, going offline was just a supplement to the sales revenue channel, but now the offline channel has become the "only channel".From media reports, offline seahorse lookah coils marketing channel chaotic, the economic cost of entrance fee and offline customer data collection continues to grow.The offline channel is more complex, seahorse lookah coils higher commodity costs, barriers to general increase.This makes it more difficult to sale agent, it's hard to sell a seahorse and no financial strength agent lookah coils.In addition, the industry's offline focus has increased competition for stores, and brands have had to spend more energy and money on this.".