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The state of the lookah bongs industry in the us: companies are turning to protective equipment and retailers are selling drinks and snacks

by linbin on May 18, 2020

  The impact of the coronavirus outbreak on the us lookah bongs industry has been uneven, partly because different states have different regulations in place and partly because different companies are responding differently.

  In Colorado, the lookah bongs industry is struggling because the lookah bongs store is seen as a discretionary business in the state.As a result, two stores in the state were closed and the manufacturer, Jeffers e-liquids, had to announce layoffs.However, the chain has also opened stores in Arizona and Oklahoma, which are still open.
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  To make up for the store closures, the company is doing everything it can to increase its online sales.However, the company's sales are down 30 percent."I am confident that my business will succeed this time, but I doubt that the large number of lookah bongs will recover from their long term closure," Amanda wheeler, founder of lookah bongs, said in an interview.

  In south Carolina, the lookah bongs store did not initially fall into the state's basic business category.However, along with thousands of car dealers, cleaning companies and other companies, some lookah bongs won approval from the us department of commerce to stay open.

  In Washington state, some lookah glass bongs are trying to stay open by reclassifying themselves as convenience stores, which are considered essential."We have been selling RedBull drinks to our customers for their convenience," said the owner of lookah glass bongs.So, we bought some snacks on the shelf, and we were a convenience store.

  Retailers and manufacturers in other states have begun making hand sanitizers and other health-related products.Georgia-based VRLabs has started selling 60 milliliters of aloe vera hand sanitizer, promising to donate one for every two bottles sold.The company donated a total of 850 bottles between March 27 and April 5 at solstice.

  In the UK, lookah bongs was deemed unnecessary and forced to close across the country.As a result, many small independent steam companies worry about their own demise, while their customers worry about getting help to stop smoking.

  To survive, most professional online lookah seahorse stores, offline hybrid retailers and brick-and-mortar stores have restructured their retail operations to offer home delivery.The retailer has added warehouse space, expanded its customer service team and set up online and phone channels for lookah seahorse and smokers.