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The burning glass dab rigs, where will the ashes dissipate?

by linbin on June 17, 2020


  Glass dab rigs is regarded by smokers as a good product to help them quit smoking. Fashionable, fashionable and cool, glass dab rigs are also used by many teenagers as sharp objects to show their character.

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  Just as the autumn is getting stronger and the whole country is celebrating the National Day, glass dab rigs has ushered in a "black" September: on the 11th, the White House announced a ban on the sale of seasoned glass dab rigs. On the 18th India ordered a total ban on water pipes for sale. At present, 189 countries and regions have issued glass dab rigs control measures, and Brazil, Canada, Japan, Switzerland, Thailand, Norway, Singapore, etc. have banned glass dab rigs in whole or in part.

  Although it is still two months before winter, the cold wind of glass dab rigs has blown up.

  I. what is glass dab rigs?

  As a new favorite in the capital market in recent years, glass dab rigs is considered to be able to help smokers quit smoking, and it is not harmful to the body, and can effectively replace the magical existence of traditional cigarettes.

  The working principle is generally to generate smoke by heating the cigarette oil and atomizing it. The shape is similar to that of ordinary cigarette or USB electronic equipment. Users only need to change the cigarette oil regularly. There is also a relatively large one, which needs to insert traditional cigarettes or special cigarette bombs into the equipment and release smoke by low-temperature heating without burning.

  Components are mainly composed of lithium battery, atomizer and smoke bomb/smoke oil. Smoke bomb smoke oil generally contains nicotine, flavoring agent and other components. It is especially noted that since smoke bomb smoke oil can be separated and sold separately, lookah glass reviews can be used as a tool for smoking marijuana and drugs. At present, various countries have not yet unified their classification. Some think it is electronic products, while others are treated as medical devices.

  2. glass dab rigs Market: US Contracted Consumption, China Contracted Production

  1. glass dab rigs in Europe and America has high penetration rate and large market scale.

  With the help of the global anti-smoking campaign, glass dab rigs, which claims to be less harmful and "help you quit smoking", has become the market's favorite. Since it came out in 2004, the scale has been continuously expanding, and the sales volume in 2018 has reached 18 billion US dollars. Among them, the United States is the largest consumer market of glass dab rigs in the world, with sales reaching 5.6 billion US dollars in 2018. The second is developed countries in Europe, such as Britain, Germany, France, etc.

  2. China's glass dab rigs enterprises have developed rapidly in recent years.

  China is a big producer of glass dab rigs. Thanks to the perfect supply system of electronic industry, China has contracted 90% of the production of glass dab rigs in the world, and the relevant enterprises have enjoyed rapid capital development.

  From April last year to July this year alone, at least 20 domestic smoke shop enterprises have received more than 30 times of financing. In the first half of this year, the total amount of industry financing has exceeded 1 billion yuan. Even teacher Luo Yonghao, who loves mobile phones, immediately launched his own glass dab rigs brand: FLOW and Xiao Ye.

  The glass dab rigs concept stock is even higher. As a shareholder in glass dab rigs manufacturing leader Maxwell's YWEI Lithium Energy (31.300, 0.07, 0.22%), its share price has risen nearly twice this year.

  But why say the highest increase? Because the black september is coming, winter is coming.

  3. winter has come to Glasdabrigs.

  Since June 28 this year, the CDC of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has received 193 potential cases of severe lung diseases from 22 states due to the use of glass dab rigs products. As of September 19, the number of confirmed cases had been updated to 530 and the death toll had risen to 7.

  Of the 373 known cases, most patients have a history of using glass dab rigs products. A young man who has used glass dab rigs for only one year has the same lungs as a 70-year-old man. In addition, many patients have added THC (tetrahydrocannabinol, a hemp extract, which has hallucinogenic effect) during the use process, but the specific cause of the disease is still under investigation.

  As soon as the report came out, a series of glass dab rigs regulatory measures followed. JUUL, who holds 70% of the U.S. glass dab rigs market, received a government warning that the company plans to stop selling most seasoned glass dab rigs products in retail stores. The CEO has announced his resignation, and Altria, a 35% tobacco giant, has seen its share price drop continuously in recent days.

  4. glass dab rigs is not "harmless"

  1. Seemingly swallowing clouds and spitting fog, but in fact "diseases come from the mouth."

  The World Health Organization has already made it clear that the smoke produced by lookah seahorse heating is not as healthy as advertised. The CDC also made it clear that the smoke emitted by glass dab rigs is by no means simply "harmless" water vapor.

  In the process of using glass dab rigs to puff up clouds and mist, sol containing a variety of toxic substances will first be produced, which is not only harmful to users but also harmful to second-hand smoke inhalation.

  Secondly, although the fragrance of glass dab rigs is safe to eat, it does not mean that it can be safely inhaled into the lung, because after entering the lung, the fragrance will have a series of complex reactions, and what substances or results can be finally reflected is still uncertain.

  Moreover, many glass dab rigs contain vague nicotine concentration marks, which can easily lead to overdose. A cigarette cartridge in Juul contains as much nicotine as a traditional pack of 20 cigarettes. In particular, the cigarette cartridge and cigarette oil can be separated, which is prone to accidental ingestion by children, and can be mixed with various substances to become a tool for drug abuse and powder consumption.

  In addition, Glasdabrigs also has safety risks such as battery explosion, smoke infiltration, high temperature burns, etc.

  online headshop huff and puff cloud includes: ultrafine particles, nicotine, heavy metals such as nickel and lead, carcinogens, etc

  2. Helping you quit smoking is actually wishful thinking.

  Glass dab rigs also lacks effective evidence to help quit smoking. Many smokers who claim to quit smoking with Glasdabrigs usually smoke both Glasdabrigs and regular cigarettes. Randomized clinical trials show that there is no significant difference in smoking cessation rate between patients using glass dab rigs and patients using placebo.

  As a former smoker, the author has also come into contact with the earliest "smoke" and "IQOS" which has been on fire in the past two years. I personally feel that these two are not helpful for quitting smoking, and the real quitting smoking depends on diverting attention.

  In addition to its own harm, the biggest problem of glass dab rigs is probably still for young people.