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The whole glass dab rigs market is completely in chaos due to the bad market and public opinion envi

by linbin on June 11, 2020


  On November 1, glass dab rigs was officially "cut off" in China. After many "wolves" came, the "wolves" finally came. It is not too much to say that the "sky is falling" in the water pipes online.

glass bongs

  Twenty days later, while the relevant policies were still being digested at home, the United States on the other side of the ocean, or US President Trump, lifted the previous ban on seasoning glass dab rigs on November 19. Whether it was for votes or not, this also means that the US ban on glass dab rigs may have been shelved for a long time, allowing the US glass dab rigs industry to slow down.

  In less than a month, the two markets in an industry have perfectly exchanged positions. One cannot help but wonder if glass dab rigs will have another spring in China.

  Under the firm implementation, the dead Glass dab rigs enterprise will be in pieces.

  The whole domestic industry and the vast majority of water pipes for sale enterprises are absolutely obedient to the "disconnection" and resolutely implement it, but it is unclear whether they have any "grievances" in their hearts.

  Only from the appearance, the major brands acted very quickly. Yue Ke, Magic Flute, Whale, YOOZ, Ling Xi, Fu Lu, Bo De and so on, the famous manufacturers issued notices one after another to express their firm implementation of the policy, and all online sales channels were closed.

  Of course, there is no "honest and frank" either. Fog is one of them. Against the background that the industry has made a unanimous statement, only Fog official website has published an article. A piece of "Bah, Bah, Bah" is directed at relevant departments and major brands, which may be considered too "radical". Two days later, a relatively euphemistic "Question" was published. Question? Question? "to cry foul" for glass dab rigs.

  However, no matter what you think or how you "bend", conservatively speaking, thousands of brands in the glass dab rigs industry are likely to "die" under the ban, and some people in the industry believe that 90% of the enterprises will disappear.

  First, the ban came suddenly and there was no report in advance. It happened in double 11 and many brands were hoarding goods. Although many brands still participated in the promotion in double 11 in the early stage, the effect was very general under the big background and the "stillborn" was still the majority. Secondly, the public began to over-interpret the ban. The ban is only aimed at Internet channels, not all channels lookah glass bong review. Many shops off the line said they were also attacked by relevant departments. Although relevant departments have already come forward to explain, they still need to further clarify the specific operation requirements.

  According to industry sources, at present many enterprises are already clearing up their stocks at all costs, just to save a little. Obviously, for most of their enterprises, the failure to establish a complete offline channel and the cut-off of online channels will undoubtedly bring "catastrophe".

  Even if there were "big brands" that had established offline channels before, there are two arguments as to whether they can survive. At this time, the importance of the early financing results is reflected. Players like Yueke and Magic Flute who hold a large amount of capital and have laid out offline from the beginning may become the only survivors in the industry, and even enterprises with tens of millions of financing may also face disappearance, not to mention so many brands with only millions or failing to finance.

  Fang Hui, founder and CEO of platinum, said in an interview with the media that "3-5 national brands and about 10 regional brands should remain in the market in the future".

  The Glasdabrigs industry will inevitably face a reshuffle. However, judging from the current market situation, even if it finally stays in the market, it still cannot see too bright a prospect. Under the pressure of policies and markets, the overall glass dab rigs industry is too passive.