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What is glass dab rigs cigarette?

by linbin on June 11, 2020


  To say that 2018 and 2019 are the most popular products in capital markets, it must be glass dab rigs. In two years, more than a dozen Glasdabrigs brands have completed nearly 1 billion in financing. The Glass dab rigs Company and its investors involved mainly include: Yueke received IDG capital, source code capital of 38 million, refined salt technology of 20 million, Yibo Electronics of 70 million, Magic Flute of 10 million, Sino-US Tobacco of 20 million and Xuejia of 40 million recently. And all this cannot be separated from the high profits of the glass dab rigs industry.

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  Some people say that the threshold for glass dab rigs is very low, and 2 million yuan can create a brand. In fact, they are only half right. The threshold is not too high, but if you want to roll out all channels online and offline, it is really not a thing that can be done with 2 million yuan. Looking at these newly-developed water pipes for sale brands in China, their products are mainly small cigarettes, specifically, closed small cigarettes.

  What is glass dab rigs cigarette?

  Glass dab rigs can be divided into two types: big smoke and small smoke. Small cigarettes are usually defined as substitute products, while large cigarettes are mainly biased towards players. From the structural point of view, it is mainly divided into two parts: battery and atomizer. Whether a water pipes online is good or not is determined by its atomizer 90%. Poor quality atomizers are usually accompanied by oil leakage, paste core, coke smell, condensate and other problems.

  Small smoke can also be divided into two types: oilable and non-oilable. Some glass dab rigs small cigarettes are designed to be filled with oil, which means that users can purchase cigarette oil separately and then inject it into the atomizer for suction. This method is very flexible and gives users more selectivity. The glass dab rigs, which cannot be filled with oil, dominates almost 80% of the domestic market share. this kind of small cigarette has already injected the taste smoke oil into the atomizer (smoke bomb) before it leaves the factory, and users only need to change the taste smoke bomb when they get the product.

  Advantages of Small Smoke

  Closer to the size of the real cigarette, the smoke is larger than that of cigarettes, but it is not as exaggerated as that of big cigarettes. The harm is 95% less than that of smoking traditional cigarettes. Automatic suction, no button design, easy to use; It is very suitable for smokers to give up smoking.

  At the end of the article, some suggestions are given to users who are about to get started or are already using lookah snail:

  1. before you get glass dab rigs, fully charge them before using them.

  2. Don't continue smoking when there is scorched flavor, because the scorched flavor contains harmful substances.

  3. Don't panic in case of oil leakage. Wipe it dry with paper towel. If the leakage is continuously sucked into the mouth, please don't continue to use the atomizer.