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Is it effective to stop smoking?

by linbin on June 11, 2020

Glass dab rigs was invented to give up smoking. As Glasdabrigs come to this day, old players must remember every iconic period of Glasdabrigs. glass dab rigs are getting more and more flashy. DIY and high-power glass dab rigs have become cool tools for glass dab rigs players. These changes have once again led to the evolution of Glasdabrigs' real experience. In this environment, the small cigarette products originally aimed at quitting smoking have been pushed to a new height.

lookah water pipe

  Although water pipes online has been better promoted and publicized in the derivative development of big smoke and fancy smoke, its original mission of replacing smoke and quitting smoking has not changed. In the middle of 2017, a batch of new small cigarette products began to emerge slowly around the world. They are aimed at replacing cigarettes or quitting smoking and appear in users' eyes with strong pertinence, such as PHIX, VLADDIN, JUUL, MT, ecs of firearms, etc.

  The appearance of the small cigarette glass dab rigs product is itself a new substitute for cigarettes. For example, the initial products such as Ruyan, although not successful in itself, are still being designed in line with this goal, and people in the later period have been optimizing and improving in this direction.

  We all know that smoking addiction is caused by the action of nicotine from a physical point of view, and besides nicotine, the biggest factor lies in people's psychological dependence on smoking behavior. That is to say, the use of nicotine patches and other methods is not more effective than "smoking", and the pertinence of small cigarette products lies in this. It is easier for people to accept. All the designs are a way to simulate real cigarette smoking. Without changing their smoking habits, users can get a chance to smoke or quit smoking.

  In terms of use experience, the various characteristics of small smoke products make it more worry-free and simple for users. First of all, small cigarette products are very small and easy to carry, generally about 10CM in length and can be placed anywhere on the body. In addition, small cigarette products can be used for a whole day or even longer without worrying about the number of times of use. That is to say, it can be used immediately without pressing a key to ignite, and the cigarette bomb is also a finished product, which can be used after being put on the cigarette rod. It does not need complicated oiling operations like the glass dab rigs of players.

  The performance of small smoke products also fully takes into account all kinds of restrictions in the place of use. If you have a firearm ecsglass dab rigs in your hand, the amount of smoke it produces is slightly larger than that of traditional cigarettes. It will not cause strange eyes of others, nor will it cause blurred vision due to too much smoke. All these have decided that the small smoke equipment is more suitable for replacing and quitting smoking than the general large smoke equipment.

  In terms of taste, small tobacco products have as many as dozens of taste choices, fruits, coolness, tobacco and so on. In particular, the appearance of nicotine salt cigarette oil, combined with small cigarette products, will have a taste closer to that of real LOOKAH SEAHORSE, and will be more mellow and smoother. In addition, the smell of smoke it emits is more like aromatherapy, not the most unpleasant smell of smoke. At the same time of enriching the taste, the cigarette cost of small cigarette products is similar to the actual cigarette cost.

  Looking back on the past, a series of upgrades and optimizations of small-smoke products, the aging of the taste of cigarette bombs and the improvement of air tightness have all brought about qualitative changes in users' experience, making small-smoke products more convenient and worry-free is also an inevitable benign development trend. In addition, the nirvana and rebirth of small-smoke products will definitely bring impact to the glass dab rigs market and the real-smoke market, thus inevitably accelerating the popularization of glass dab rigs culture. So what level will the future small cigarette products be updated to? China's glass dab rigs information editor will still be with you and wait and see.