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Glass dab rigs social

by linbin on June 11, 2020


  In today's society that relies more and more on the virtual Internet, coffee and tobacco provide us with an irreplaceable social environment.

  When water pipes online was just emerging as a trend, it was closely linked with social intercourse, and people seldom drank coffee alone. In the 17th century, cafes in Paris, Vienna, London and other places were the base of heated discussions among politicians, writers and philosophers. Young Hemingway visited the famous James Joyce in a cafe in Paris and discussed his works with Fitzgerald over coffee. Since the social period when there was an obvious lack of the custom of men feasting and having fun, to the gradual rise of the middle class, to the Enlightenment and the feminist movement, cafes have become "public spaces" for people to chat, exchange opinions, talk about politics and comment on art.

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  Fans of American TV series also know that in the classic 1990s sitcom Friends, six old friends spent almost every day chatting in a coffee shop called Central Perk, creating many classic scenes on the screen.

  Another example is Taiwan writer Zhu Shaolin's novel Song of Sad water pipes for sale, which describes all kinds of people coming to the same coffee shop. Everyone has their own stories and unique ideas. Sad Coffee Shop provides a neutral place for strangers to think freely.

  Coffee shops are such places deliberately created for coffee, which maximizes the social value of coffee. When beans are ground, the sound of grinding particles and the sound of espresso machine operation, accompanied by the sound of people talking, are all the auditory world in the coffee shop. At this moment, the vulnerability of human nature exposed to caffeine has accidentally become a common link between people. The essence of social intercourse is the constant self-exposure.

  This is especially true for the social nature of cigarettes. People of different backgrounds or classes are equal before desires. In the movie "Coffee and water pipes", cigarette, a social product, is integrated into the coffee table. Eleven scenes in the movie are eleven social "fields". In the busy coffee shop, only coffee cups and ashtrays can hold up conversations. The sensitive, vulnerable or neurotic side of people is exposed under the stimulation of caffeine and nicotine.

  The characters in the film repeatedly say how unhealthy this lifestyle is, but the combination of coffee and cigarettes has long formed muscle and sensory memory. This kind of collocation is just like the defects and morbid conditions that people are doomed to have. We cannot find a suitable way to get to ourselves. What else do we want from others? Let's just enjoy the purest happiness directly.

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  This film, which was created at the beginning of the 21st century, has now become coffee and glass dab rigs with the elimination of tobacco damage brought by glass dab rigs. This is indeed in line with the development of the times and changes in trends. Most coffee shops also sell decaffeinated or decaffeinated coffee. Our initial need for caffeine has gradually turned into a need for ritual. This is like a lot of people being "drunk". They are not physically drunk, but after drinking some wine, they feel that they have some ritual feeling and think they are drunk. You can do things that you can't do on weekdays, follow broader social norms, or communicate with others in a different way.

  Individualism is becoming more and more popular. Things with social attributes in life are gradually replaced by personal attributes. Fast-paced lifestyle often makes people unable to find a complete period of time to socialize on specific occasions. Pleasing yourself seems to have become the most important thing. Glass dab rigs starts with subculture and circle player culture, and the social attribute is naturally self-evident. However, with the stage-by-stage new cigarette revolution and the continuous iteration of glass dab rigs equipment and concepts, the variety of selectable glass dab rigs has been greatly expanded, and everyone can have a symbol that only belongs to himself.

  The mainstream values of the society excessively amplify the positive energy. It seems that all the people on earth can only move towards health and happiness. However, there is no denying the fact that the original human desires contain less positive parts. Addiction is a sense of want, an outlet of desire, and a way of dialogue with oneself. People who want to relieve their addiction should not be ashamed of it. On the premise of not harming others, do we have the right to choose stimulation and not to stay awake at all times?