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Germany has adopted a light-touch regulatory approach to lookah bong

by linbin on May 16, 2020

  Germany is one of the most lightly regulated countries for lookah bong, according to Science Daily.Other relatively liberal countries include Sweden, Britain and the Czech republic.Germany has no regulations on the use of public lookah glass, no special taxes on steam smoke, no laws on cross-border sales, and only slight restrictions on advertising, etc.

  By contrast, the countries with the most stringent restrictions on nicotine substitutes are Finland and Hungary, which have strict taxes and regulations on public use.The European Union itself has begun to consider tightening regulation of vapours.
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  Not everyone in Germany agrees with the idea of tolerating steam smoke.Some call it an "epidemic"; others call it an "introduction to cigarettes".

  In conclusion, scientists have a more positive view of vapor smoke.Vapor smoke still contains nicotine, which is also addictive.But so is caffeine.However, nicotine itself does not cause cancer.As a result, steam smoke users can quickly reduce their exposure to many harmful toxins, including known carcinogens, by switching from cigarettes to glass pipes.

  As a result, an international panel of experts estimates that lookah bong is about 95 percent less harmful than cigarettes.Confirming the findings, the ministry of public health wants to support "innovative technologies to reduce the risk of harm" and "maximize the use of safer alternatives to smoking".

  Governments should accept products that reduce harm.Steam smoke is a product that reduces traditional smoking rates.Even critics say steam smoke is safer than cigarettes.

  No one is in favour of lookah glass bongs, but people's choices should be respected.Steam smoke is a technological innovation that provides a solution to the problem of smoking.