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Prevent young people from abusing lookah glass in the us by banning the sale of certain flavours of lookah glass

by linbin on May 16, 2020


  Lookah glass has been used around the world in recent years.The Hong Kong government has also announced that it will ban lookah glass altogether. Some countries have even had to regulate the smell of lookah glass to reduce its use across the board.The United States.S. government announced Jan. 2 that it would ban sales of lookah glass, including mint and fruit flavors, in an effort to reduce abuse by young people.For now, stores can continue to sell tobacco and menthol products that help adults quit smoking.\

how to make a bong out of a glass bottle

  According to the us department of health and human services, the food and drug administration will force the disposal of the banned lookah glass bongs products if they continue to be produced, sold and marketed after 30 days.Manufacturers who want to sell scented lookah glass bongs or lookah glass bongs oils must first submit an application to the FDA to prove that the products meet the applicable standards.

  'in the United States, lookah bong has never been popular among today's youth, and the administration is taking a comprehensive and aggressive approach to enforcing legislation passed by congress to make lookah bong illegal in the marketplace today,' health secretary Alexazar said in a statement.