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It is conscience and bottom line to stop minors from using dab rigs.

by linbin on June 05, 2020


  Although Britain and the United States have very different attitudes towards dab rigs, they have reached a high consensus on one issue-the protection of young people.

  Although the US FDA has put forward regulatory requirements requiring consumers to be at least 18 years old before buying dab rigs, some retailers still sell tobacco and dab rigs products to teenagers when FDA conducts surprise inspections of retailers.

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  What is more serious is that some American teenagers buy dab rigs through illegal channels such as the black market and fill them with linseed oil. there is a video on YouTube that teaches teenagers how to put linseed oil into jet water pipes.

  As the world's largest dab rigs manufacturer, Juul's marketing promotion for young people makes it an indisputable fact that young people in the United States use dab rigs. In response to the marketing and promotion activities of dab rigs such as Juul towards young people, the U.S. congressional team has requested four dab rigs to stop all TV, radio, paper media and digital product advertisements to protect the health and well-being of young people.

  "It's easy to hide and smells," Juul used it as a selling point to enter the youth market. Juul's rival Candy Pens used hip-hop stars, happy teenagers and sexy girls as promotional images in the advertisement, "which has an irresistible effect on teenagers," an FDA official said.

  From the American Youth Tobacco Survey, it can be seen that from 2017 to 2018, the proportion of dab rigs used by high school students in the United States increased by 78%, while that of middle school students in the United States increased by nearly 50% in one year.

  The survey shows that 82% of the teenagers who smoke water pipes for sale try dab rigs because they like novel tastes. they think it is just fruit-flavored water vapor. although young people have received good education on tobacco, they are still trying dab rigs.

  To this end, US President Trump tweeted: "I prefer atomized dab rigs to replace traditional cigarettes, but we need to ensure that this alternative is safe for all." Let's remove fake products from the market and keep our children away from dab rigs!

  A British media "Eveningstandard" later revealed gossip that embarrassed the US president a bit: Trump wanted to ban seasoned dab rigs because the First Lady found out that their youngest son "had a good bite".

  After U.S. President Trump made a high-profile statement on Twitter, industry insiders analyzed that the sudden reversal of this attitude indicates that the U.S. government has put aside individual and emotional factors and is considering the issue of dab rigs' normative development from the overall industrial perspective.

  Under FDA's supervision, Juul has closed its social media account and claimed that it will not design any more pictures or scenes that young people like, try not to attract young people's attention and prevent young people from using it as a sign of fashion.

  In August this year, the Tsinghua University research group released China's first lookah shop blue book, strongly recommending the implementation of industry legislation and regulatory systems, including the full process management of production and sales of products. At the same time, enterprises should fulfill their social responsibility to prevent the sale of dab rigs to minors under the age of 18.

  As the inventor of nicotine salt, xing chenyue, co-founder of dab rigs, said that she regards dab rigs as a research and development organization to help smokers and people around them to reduce harm. considering the harm dabrigs may cause to young people, dabrigs positions itself as the least cool product and takes mature smokers as potential consumers.

  Wang Sa, co-founder of Xuejia dab rigs, has also said on several occasions that Xuejia will prevent minors from contacting dab rigs through commercial means, including: clearly marking on the product packaging that dab rigs shall not be used under the age of 18; It is strictly prohibited to sell to minors through channels on the line and off the line. Not in primary schools, junior high schools, high schools and other places for minors to do any marketing promotion.