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Looking around, the number of people holding glass pipes has increased.

by linbin on June 04, 2020


  When I came home during the Spring Festival, I saw a friend "smoking a cloud" with a glass pipes in his hand. When asked why he smoked glass pipes, he said that his classmate Xiao Tang introduced him and Xiao Tang was still in a small circle playing glass pipes. At the end of the speech, he hated poisoning twice, this time with apple flavor.

water bong

  The soup in his mouth has been in contact with glass pipes since May last year, and his original intention is exactly the original intention of glass pipes-quitting smoking.

  Tang admitted that he was too "naive" about his idea of using glass pipes to quit smoking. "I used to think I can, but now I think I can't after trying. It was really disgusting to smoke traditional cigarettes when I first came into contact with water pipes online, but now I smoke both. " Soup said.

  After smoking glass pipes for more than half a year, Soup now regards cigarettes and glass pipes as complementary relations, smoking glass pipes when others are present or inconvenient, and smoking cigarettes when sleepy, bored or playing games. At present, the soup is a one-off small VGOD cigarette, while the big one is BORA Bora Bora. He spends about 300 to 400 yuan a month on glass pipes.

  It's just that he didn't succeed in quitting cigarettes.

  Glass pipes cannot make people quit traditional tobacco; Glass pipes still contain addictive nicotine; Non-smokers began to smoke glass pipes; Young people start smoking glass pipes ... these are the original sins engraved on glass pipes.

  Smokers are undoubtedly the first to contact glass pipes.

  Yao Haofeng, a former deputy general manager of Hengxin Group and a veteran of the glass pipes industry for nearly 10 years, left his post in 2018 and founded the glass pipes brand COV Kewei. He introduced to Tiger Smell that there had been a gust of wind in 2004. However, the products at that time could not meet the needs of smokers, so the market soon fell silent. Only in 2014 did the country begin to fashion fashionable big smoke products, but the main audience at that time was still young people who liked the trend.

  By 2018, the popularity of small glass pipes had resumed and the audience had returned to over 300 million smokers today. According to Yao Haofeng, the taste, shape, appearance and related culture of lookah glass dab rig are all changed according to the times.

  The market for young people and fashion lovers is best to enter, and Zhu Xiaomu also thinks so. However, FLOWFLOOR has FLOW targeted young people directly at present. "We don't have a specific target group, because glass pipes has a very wide audience, and" heavy smokers "can smoke, and men and women have no problem. However, because our brand has just come out, the consumers are still white-collar workers in tier 1 and tier 2 cities, mostly men. "

  Yao haofeng gave a more cautious answer: "I also have no way to predict the future. what I can see now is more smokers. the new generation of non-smokers need a familiar process."

  How can glass pipes avoid being sold to minors? Several brands contacted by Tiger Smell have adopted the common practice in the industry: the packaging box is printed with the words "Minors are forbidden" and mysterious visitors supervise the sales outlets daily to ensure that agents and sales outlets will not sell products to minors.

  "We prohibit minors from buying glass pipes, and of course we are very willing to cooperate with the government in joining the tobacco control campaign." Zhu xiaomu said.

  Chaotic industrial chain

  While more and more young people are joining the ranks of glass pipes, another kind of excitement is taking place in the glass pipes market in huaqiang north, Shenzhen.

  In all stories related to hardware consumer goods, Huaqiang North is busy.

  The public knows and understands the notes and describes the grand occasion of the glass pipes generation factory in Huaqiang north: nowadays, there are many special shops selling glass pipes in Huaqiang north. "Most of the shops here are set up by factories, and many glass pipes at home and abroad are made in Shenzhen". Most of the glass pipes factories in Shenzhen are OEM factories, which receive orders from Germany and the United States. But now domestic orders have gradually increased. "Now the spare parts production technology of the third generation of glass pipes is very mature, and the assembly of glass pipes can be started only by purchasing a set of assembly lines". In a small factory that manufactures glass pipes, five or six assembly line workers can assemble nearly ten thousand glass pipes every day. Glass pipes directly promoted the transformation of many generations of factories: "Our factory has been completely transformed into glass pipes only in the last six months, and has been producing electronic lighters before."

  Financial writer Wu Xiaobo gave more detailed data in his article: 90% of the water pipes for sale equipment in the world is made in China, or Shenzhen, to be exact. To be more precise, it is mainly concentrated in Shajing and Songgang Streets in Bao 'an District of Shenzhen City, a land only 20 kilometers away  from the former site of Destruction of Opium at Humen. There are about 600 glass pipes manufacturers and parts suppliers.

  The domestic orders that have been smashed over and over again have delighted Huaqiang North's large and small factories. The glass pipes produced in the factory in Huaqiang North and placed in the corner of the shopping mall are sold on their own. However, they are more like a "wild" genre, which obviously has nothing to do with the bustling capital market before us.

  Different from the small workshop-type factory, Hengxin, which is located in Shenzhen, is one of the three major traditional manufacturers of cigarette and oil fume appliances in China. It has been doing the traditional production and sales business of glass pipes and cigarette oil. Now, Yao Haofeng, who left Hengxin, has stood at the entrance of the new wind. What COV can rely on is Hengxin's capital, production equipment and process.