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The survival rate of water pipes in Shenzhen

by linbin on June 04, 2020


  On January 25, 2019, the website of the Shenzhen Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee published a document entitled "Regulations of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone on Smoking Control (Revised Draft for Comments)", amended several regulations, increased restrictions on tobacco products lookah glass dab rigs, and widely solicited public opinions and suggestions before the formal introduction of policies.

glass pipes

  After seeing this news, the author thinks a lot and thinks it is necessary to discuss and reflect on it.

  The relevant regulations can be referred to in the next tweet and will not be repeated in this article.

  Thinking as Vaper

  As a qualified Vaper, the enactment of this regulation has little (or even no) impact on us.

  In general, vape/ new tobacco products are equally punished as burning tobacco products, and are forbidden to be used in crowded public places (subway/bus stops, etc.).

  As users of Vape, we certainly know how harmful it is to human body (95% less than cigarettes), but for ordinary people who have been indoctrinated by domestic unscrupulous media for a long time and have no knowledge of Vape, they will have strong resistance to water pipes online.

  Then when the smoke strikes, it will definitely affect it (mentally, if you are allergic to some ingredients, it will affect you physically) under the interaction of a large amount of smoke (big smoke)/taste you may not like/inner resistance and other factors.

  In fact, no matter whether Vape is harmful or not, as a qualified Vaper, we should also try our best to avoid causing influence on others, avoid the occurrence of water pipes incident similar to Beijing subway again, and create a better public impression for Vaping.

  Thinking as a Practitioner

  As a practitioner, the author may not care about the problems in daily use, but worry about the bad public impression of Vape brought by this law.

  Shenzhen, as the world's largest producer of water pipes, has itself imposed certain restrictions on the use of water pipes for sale, which may send a signal to the public that the harm of water pipes is equal to that of cigarettes, which may cause the domestic public to further resist water pipes at the spiritual level.

  Although we have been improving the relevant rules and standards, the overall public opinion orientation in China is very unfavorable  to Vape before the public really understand water pipes. The phenomenon of mixing various new types of tobacco with Vape occurs from time to time, and discrediting them without any basis will leave a very bad first impression in people's hearts.

  Let's ask, if you think this thing can't work at the beginning, will you still try it?

  Therefore, as a practitioner, the author is deeply worried about the occurrence of this kind of situation.

  However, there is already a precedent in Hangzhou of our country where water pipes and cigarettes are placed together, so the revision of Shenzhen's laws and regulations can be said to be a certainty.

  I only hope that the actual situation will not develop as the author imagined.

  The future

  The formulation of future norms and regulations is an established fact. we have no way to change anything. we can only set an example and use our own actions to raise the image of the entire Vaper group and create a good image for Vape's future.

  We should also believe that with the development of Vape, the global cognition of Vape will get rid of the current contradictory situation. Vape, a pearl, will eventually wash away dust and shine before the eyes of the world, bringing about great development for the health of all mankind.