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What is needed is our own attitude about the safety of teenagers misusing glass pipes!

by linbin on June 04, 2020


  Earlier this month, seven young Florida children were rushed to hospital after swallowing nicotine lozenges and their hearts beat faster and their blood pressure dropped, showing symptoms of poisoning caused by excessive nicotine intake. The reason is that a child brought 4 milligrams of mint lookah glass dab rigs mini candy to the school and distributed it to the students. The child who gave away the candy told the reporter afterwards: "I bought it from the store. I don't understand why the store sold me nicotine candy. I always thought it was just ordinary candy."

glass pipes

  At present, glass pipes has become a popular trend among minors and has aroused worldwide concern. Although the public health sector is full of enthusiasm for the life of young people, the regulatory authorities of various countries have also begun to formulate corresponding control policies. However, products containing nicotine are still easily available and may bring more risks to minors, which has become a fact that we have to worry about.

  With regard to the protection of minors, all over the world have in fact issued corresponding policies.

  At the end of August this year, China's State Administration of Market Supervision just issued a "Circular" prohibiting the sale of water pipes online to minors. This was in our previous article, "Can China's Hand Beat FDA's?" It was mentioned in Save the Children.

  With the promulgation of our national policy, the FDA of the United States immediately became unable to sit still and announced what it called the largest enforcement action in FDA history: a comprehensive crackdown on the retail or online sale of glass pipes to minors. For more details, look back at our previous article, "Vape's" Muddy Stick "-FDA's cowardly action."

  It is indeed a pleasant thing for the state to issue policies to manage this matter, but the fact proves that policies alone are far from enough.

  Less than a month after the "Circular" was issued at the end of August, a reporter from Tianjin Northern Network News found during a visit to a number of tobacco specialty stores in Tianjin City that individual merchants had not asked about the age of consumers who looked like students, nor had they required to show their identity cards to see if they were adults. In Pinduo Online Mall, when the reporter inputs "Children's water pipes for sale", the words "Multi-Taste Harmless Children's glass pipes" with a price of about 35 yuan will appear immediately, and the words "wholesale price, 50 postage stamps" will also be marked conspicuously.

  Hearing this, just think about all feel frightened. Are these 35-dollar glass pipes safe in terms of raw material selection, additive use and quality control? Apart from the fact that the respiratory system of minors is not yet fully formed, inferior glass pipes will affect the normal development of the lungs and may also lead to various risks such as nicotine poisoning.

  It is also for the safety of teenagers that Switzerland has done much more comprehensively than we do. At present, about 38 tobacco companies in Switzerland have signed the trade regulations drafted by the Swiss glass pipes Trade Association, which has long been committed to protecting minors from glass pipes. The signatories of the agreement promised not to sell glass pipes equipment or cigarette liquid to anyone under the age of 18 in the future. They proved their determination by taking practical actions and effectively protected teenagers from the hazards of glass pipes.

  In addition to the national policy, self-discipline of sellers is even more necessary for teenagers to stay away from glass pipes. As a socially responsible glass pipes media, we, Dr.Vape, will certainly respond positively to the national policy. At the same time, we also hope that various manufacturers and glass pipes sellers can refuse to sell glass pipes to teenagers.