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Glass water pipes quit smoking, a subtle hoax?

by linbin on June 04, 2020


  A cigarette after dinner is better than a living fairy. This is what many people take for granted. Now, suffering from increasingly severe anti-smoking measures, if you want to point out a "China" in public places and puff up clouds, you are likely to encounter complaints and fines. However, it seems lucky to smoke glass water pipes in public without worrying about a fine.

glass bongs

  After all, in the public's cognition, glass water pipes is not only a smoking cessation artifact, but also has low health and even no harm. But in fact, this is just a Shinhwa, and the truth is still little known.

  90% of glass water pipes in the world are made in China.

  Water pipes for sale imitates traditional cigarettes. When smoking, the smoke oil is changed into smoke through battery driving, thus obtaining an experience similar to that of smoking traditional cigarettes. There are two little-known facts about glass water pipes: one is that its inventor is Chinese, and the other is that China is the world's largest producer of glass water pipes.

  In 2003, Chinese pharmacist Li Han, a northwest man, decided to quit smoking because of his long history of smoking. He led the team to design and invent the first nicotine-based glass water pipes product.

  "Father of glass water pipes" Li Han

  Since then, the glass water pipes Company "Ruyan", which it co-founded, has achieved sales of 1 billion yuan in one year from 2005 to 2006. In 2008, it was successfully listed in Hong Kong.

  Prior to this, in 1963, American Gilbert put forward the theory of smokeless and non-glass pipes devices, which can be regarded as the originator of glass water pipes theory. However, the key leap from theory to practice was also realized by Chinese Li Han. He is also recognized by the industry as the father of glass water pipes.

  Since the publication of glass water pipes, tobacco giants have quickly stepped in and introduced various new products to gain a foothold in the market.

  It is no exaggeration to say that in the field of lookah glass dab rigs, Chinese enterprises have played the same role as the leading eldest brother in Jin Yong's martial arts novels: 90% of the world's glass water pipes are produced in China.

  According to incomplete statistics, China produced at least 1.651 billion glass water pipes in 2017 and is expected to produce more than 2.2 billion this year. China is not only the world's largest producer of glass water pipes, but also the country with the most complete production chain of glass water pipes. There are thousands of related enterprises, and Shenzhen owns most of them.

  Although China currently produces the vast majority of glass water pipes in the world, the main consumer market is still in Europe and the United States, showing the phenomenon of "manufacturing in China and consuming in Europe and the United States".

  The glass water pipes market is in the endless blue sea stage. At present, how many glass water pipes consumers are there in the world? According to a survey by Euromonitor, a market research company, there were 35 million water pipes online users worldwide in 2016. In 2021, it is expected to rise to 55 million.

  Although this is insignificant compared with the huge 1 billion traditional cigarette consumers. However, this is a market with unlimited prospects. It has reached 100 billion yuan and is still growing at a high speed. According to expert statistics, the growth rate of glass water pipes market exceeds 300% every year, which is the general trend to replace traditional cigarettes.

  Not talking about the world, but looking at China alone, the future is also optimistic. China's tobacco market is as high as 1 trillion yuan. Some experts believe that over time, as long as China completely liberalizes the glass water pipes market and allows the sale of foreign glass water pipes products, China will emerge a new tobacco market of 50-100 billion yuan in 1-2 years from scratch at a conversion rate of 5-10%.

  It goes without saying that there are great opportunities and abundant returns.