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Instead of traditional cigarettes, glass water pipes is becoming a trend to quit smoking.

by linbin on June 04, 2020


  Glass water pipes originated in China, but because the early products were not mature, they were not successfully popularized in China. So why didn't the early promotion succeed?

  The reason for this is that most smokers in China smoke flue-cured cigarettes, while water pipes online has the most raw tobacco and mixed fruit flavor tobacco oil, and the flue-cured tobacco oil is very little. This makes it difficult for the early domestic users of glass water pipes to accept the experience. Flue-cured tobacco is too special, so many Chinese feel that glass water pipes has a wrong taste.

glass pipes

  The situation is different in foreign countries, many of which are raw and mixed cigarettes. Smokers who smoke mixed and raw cigarettes are more likely to accept the taste of glass water pipes tobacco oil. This makes glass water pipes develop rapidly abroad and become an industry with an annual output value of billions of dollars, and it is also accelerating its development. An accepted conclusion is that glass water pipes is a much safer product than cigarettes, and the common sense concern is naturally nicotine. In fact, the component harmful to health of cigarettes is not nicotine, but tar. glass water pipes is completely free of tar.

  There are now thousands of water pipes for sale stores abroad, many of which are like small bars. You can sit on the sofa and have a cup of coffee while enjoying glass water pipes and enjoying pictures of beautiful women smoking cigarettes. Of course, music is indispensable. The prosperity of the glass water pipes industry has also given birth to various accessories and related products, such as clothes, bags, exhibition stands, etc. It makes many young people forget to return.

  And as more and more big names start to use glass water pipes to lead the trend, it is also a big promotion for glass water pipes industry. At present, if you mention the leaders of the British Independence Party Nigel Farag, Leonardo, the male gods Johnny Depp, michelle rodriguez, paris hilton, etc., you will think of glass water pipes.

  After all this talk, why on earth can glass water pipes gradually become a trend of quitting smoking? I'll give you a brief analysis.

  1. glass water pipes, as a substitute for cigarettes, can help smokers control and replace cigarettes.

  2. glass water pipes have rich and varied tastes and can meet the needs of smokers.

  3. Green and healthy lifestyle is being sought after by people.

  4. glass water pipes, as a fashion technology product, is very attractive to new consumers in terms of appearance, social functions, fashion consumption, information exchange and data transmission and reception, and has gradually become a trend culture.