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Glass water pipes association: enterprises should not panic selling products to cause "trampling"

by linbin on June 04, 2020


  As early as November 13, according to foreign media reports, recently, US President Trump said he would relax the overall ban on fragrant glass water pipes. On the 11th, he said on social media that he would meet with the glass water pipes industry advocates to discuss the following plans. Earlier, the White House had cancelled its meeting with them.

  According to reports, trump said on the 8th that the U.S. government would announce next week the next steps to ban glass water pipes, including raising the legal age for buying tobacco products to 21. But on the 11th, Trump's tweet on social media seemed to mean that time would be delayed.

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  Trump said in a social media post, "We will meet with representatives of the lookah glass website industry, as well as medical professionals and individual representatives of the state government to propose solutions to the glass water pipes problem. Children's health and safety and related work will be the focus of discussion! " Joe grogan, head of the White House's Internal Policy Committee, also said earlier that the US government was trying to balance the benefits of glass water pipes as a tobacco substitute.

  On November 19, several well-known media including the new york Times, Washington Post and CNN reported that US President Trump had temporarily withdrawn his statement on September 11 that he would introduce a ban on seasoning glass water pipes. This means that the US ban on seasoning glass water pipes may be shelved indefinitely. Trump has postponed the promulgation of the ban on glass water pipes twice in a row, which will be good for US glass water pipes enterprises, users and the global market.

  The Washington Post reported that Trump has changed his direction as he has done many times before, this time on a plan to solve major public health problems, fearing that the owner of the water pipes for sale store and his customers might damage his prospects for re-election. The new york Times reported that allies working in the glass water pipes industry told Trump that he had conducted a poll of Trump's voters and the results showed that the problem had cost him.

  The results show that if Trump continues to enforce the ban, it will have a negative impact on Trump and pass it on to many people in Trump's circle, including campaign manager Brad Pascal and senior White House officials. Soon afterwards, trump decided not to sign a one-page memorandum of decision,  cancelled the announcement made by the government, and then came out to say that he did not want to pass the ban, saying that it was the ban imposed by his wife and daughter.

  At the same time, in early November, the State Administration of Market Supervision and the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau issued a Notice on Further Protecting Minors from glass water pipes: urging glass water pipes production and sales enterprises or individuals to shut down the glass water pipes internet sales website or client in a timely manner; Urging e-commerce platforms to close glass water pipes stores in time and remove glass water pipes products from shelves in time; Urge glass water pipes production and sales enterprises or individuals to withdraw glass water pipes advertisements published through the internet.

  Subsequently, e-commerce platforms such as Taobao, Tmall, JD.com and Pinduo successively went off the shelves, resulting in a very embarrassing double-eleven for the glass water pipes brand, with most of the factories hoarding a lot of goods!

  On November 15, the first and second standing committees of china electronic chamber of commerce's glass water pipes Industry Committee were held in Shenzhen. The meeting revealed that the domestic glass water pipes industry had experienced a decline in orders and was facing pressure to lay off employees. It called on enterprises to refrain from laying off employees as much as possible. The appeal is aimed at the huge difficulties faced by the market after the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau and the State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration issued the "Notice on Further Protecting Minors from glass water pipes" on the afternoon of November 1. Many enterprises are selling their stock products and some will also face the pressure of layoffs.

  In a few days, the whole network was quickly taken off the shelves. Most of the merchants had large stock quantities, so they kept a large stock. In addition, the US market was also facing a decline in sales volume, which exerted great pressure on the market. As a result, complaints and negative emotions were generated, causing panic.

  In response to the great pressure on the glass water pipes market and the resulting negative complaints, the Council called on enterprises and businesses not to panic sell their products, causing the price system to collapse, thus causing a "stampede" phenomenon and maintaining the stability of the market price system.

  According to the conference, China's water pipes online industry has 500,000 direct employees and 2 million indirect employees. Glass water pipes factories are mainly located in shajing and fuyong streets in Bao 'an district of Shenzhen.

  According to a report by the Securities Times, in order to prepare for the Double Eleven, many brand merchants have prepared at least several million yuan of stock. Now this stock is not only indigestible, but also the subsequent orders have become a problem, and the entire industry is facing unprecedented pressure.

  In addition, enterprises mainly engaged in factory production are facing a sharp decline in orders, requiring a large number of layoffs, resulting in a large number of unemployed workers causing unrest. The industry meeting held that as the current year is approaching, enterprises should try their best not to lay off staff and actively make progress to tide over the difficulties together. If there is a final need to lay off workers, they should also be laid off in accordance with the provisions of the "Labor Law" so as not to cause large-scale labor disputes.

  The Securities Times said that because there were no orders for production, in a short period of two months, many factories had lost two thirds of their workers, including contract workers and temporary workers, and a large proportion of the workers were hired from labor companies. Some factories have labor disputes.