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Unforgettable taste,lookah glass

by linbin on May 18, 2020
If you are a heavy-duty lookah glass enthusiast, you must have tried many brands and flavors of lookah glass. For users who have just been in contact with lookah glass, the taste is the first impression that lookah glass can leave him. It even directly determines whether users will continue to choose this new and healthy way to replace cigarettes.
  A well-known brand company in the field of lookah glass has released its new series of products-glass series lookah glass to users worldwide. In addition to the concise and beautiful appearance of this series of products, its core selling point is the single taste, bad taste and "boring" smoking of innovative traditional lookah glass. The glass series combines the aroma of tobacco with the sweetness of fruit. The first batch of five flavors including ice litchi, mellow lafite, classic tobacco, old yoghurt, and cranberry beads are designed to meet the needs of new and old lovers for different flavors.

  The glass series uniquely matches the color and taste of tobacco rods one by one. Only through visual elements, users can experience the different wonderful feelings brought by different tastes. Multiple cigarette rods together will not make mistakes in taste, allowing users to feel the double taste and vision in different moods and different scenes. Changes can be described as trendy and good mood.

  The lookah team injects fashion elements into glass and takes fashion design as one of the core competitiveness of the product. The new product is small in size and flexible in hand, and takes up almost no space in a pocket or bag. But when you smoke a cigarette and take a sip, it immediately becomes full of existence-the special taste brought by different tastes will directly flow into your mouth, and the unique experience will make any user forget to return. In the eyes of  glass bong lovers, it is no accident that lookah became a brand under Jintong Technology. Since the first product Suoai 520, we have adhered to the "trend design" and "medical quality" as the baseline and principle of all products. Guided by such a philosophy, the "Lock Love 520" series is very popular throughout the circle of friends.
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  The new glass series products released this time also continue to follow this principle, while making revolutionary efforts and breakthroughs in taste, bringing a new taste experience to the majority of users. If you haven't experienced a lookah seahorse coil that can satisfy you from design to taste, then Youtu's glass is your final answer!