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Glass water pipes to catch up after cigarette ban?

by linbin on June 03, 2020


  Introduction: With the ban on cigarettes, people are getting more and more curious about the concept of glass water pipes. Can glass water pipes replace cigarettes? Can glass water pipes help smokers quit smoking? Glass water pipes, should smokers "love" you or "fear" you?

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  China glass water pipes Information News: Cigarettes are banned, can you smoke glass water pipes? Since March, Shenzhen has implemented what is called the "strictest" smoking control order in history, with fines accompanying "smoking". This has entangled many "heavy smokers". The appearance of glass water pipes seems to give smokers new hope. However, a recent statement by the International Tuberculosis and Lung Disease Federation on glass water pipes said that glass water pipes is not harmless, the safety of glass water pipes has not been scientifically proven, and smoke shop will also discharge carcinogens indoors.

  Over 90% of glass water pipes are made in Shenzhen.

  In recent years, with the introduction of tobacco control policies all over the country, glass water pipes, which claims to be non-toxic and helpful in quitting smoking, has gradually entered people's vision. Zeng Fanyu, director of the office of the China Tobacco Control Association, said glass water pipes is an electronic product that imitates cigarettes and has the same appearance, smoke, taste and feeling as cigarettes. With the popularity of anti-smoking campaigns abroad, glass water pipes invented by China is rapidly rising in the United States and Europe, and many small-scale glass water pipes companies are springing up like mushrooms.

  If you didn't know what glass water pipes were a few years ago, many varieties of glass water pipes are now available on the Internet, even in some large supermarkets. Zeng Fanyu said that China is the main producer of glass water pipes. At present, more than 90% of glass water pipes in the market are produced by Shenzhen enterprises. The reporter searched the Internet and found that there are many kinds of glass water pipes with their origin marked Shenzhen. There are many kinds of glass water pipes with chocolate flavor, fruit flavor and other flavors, and the prices are very different, ranging from tens of dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. During the Mid-Autumn Festival, many electronic eyes even play health cards, calling on citizens to send health glass water pipes as gifts. Looking at the sales records, it is not difficult to see that the sales volume of glass water pipes on the eve of Mid-Autumn Festival is quite considerable.

  Citizens' awareness of glass water pipes is low.

  What is the public's awareness of glass water pipes in Shenzhen, the main producer of glass water pipes? Reporters visited many shopping malls and found that although Shenzhen is the main producing area of glass water pipes, few shopping malls are willing to sell glass water pipes and few citizens know about glass water pipes. The reporter asked 20 citizens in the central bookstore and found that only 6 citizens had heard of glass water pipes, and only 1 of them said that he had used glass water pipes donated by his friends.

  Mr. sun, a resident of Futian district, is a "heavy smoker" who has smoked for more than ten years. In 2013, when he learned that Mr. sun wanted to quit smoking, his friend specially sent him glass water pipes, but after about two months of trying, Mr. sun finally gave up. "glass water pipes is very difficult to replace cigarettes and can't help smoking cessation. It is too troublesome to use." Speaking of the experience of using glass water pipes, Mr. sun gave this comment.

  Despite the bland response from the citizens, glass water pipes enterprises in our city are still active. The glass water pipes industry association under the national Ministry of industry and information and the tobacco monopoly bureau also held the "CECMOL glass water pipes summit forum" in Shenzhen this month. More than 400 people from many domestic glass water pipes manufacturers, distributors and water pipes for sale spare parts suppliers, as well as upstream and downstream leaders in the glass water pipes industry from the United States, France and Spain, participated in the forum.

  Enterprises are active and the market is quiet. How will the growth of Shenzhen's glass water pipes affect the city's tobacco control? In response, yang Jie, a researcher at the tobacco control office of the Chinese center for disease control and prevention, said that most glass water pipes produced in Shenzhen are currently used for export. According to foreign experience in tobacco control, the city where glass water pipes is popular is likely to be the city where tobacco control is extremely strict. Measures taken by Shenzhen to control smoking can effectively reduce the number of smokers in public places to a certain extent, but it is difficult to say whether smokers without cigarettes will turn to glass water pipes. However, it is not ruled out that many smokers who intend to quit smoking but can't escape from it will use glass water pipes to get over their mouth addiction. However, the effect of glass water pipes in helping to quit smoking is not obvious at present.