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New york banned the sale of seasoned dab rigs, with some rejoicing and others worried.

by linbin on June 03, 2020


  Governor Kemer issued a dab rigs emergency administrative ban on the 15th, which will take effect immediately after the state health and health committee votes on the 17th. The ban covers all flavored dab rigs and other dab rigs except mint and tobacco flavors, requiring retailers to remove them from shelves within two weeks. Law enforcement will begin as early as October 4, and businesses that violate the ban will face fines of up to $2,000.

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  Adolescent dab rigs smoking rate soars

  In recent years, American teenagers have reached "epidemic level" in dab rigs. According to the New York State Department of Health, nearly 40% of high school graduates and 27% of high school students in the state smoke water pipes online.

  According to statistics, about 2,500 minors in the United States try to smoke every day, and more than 400 of them will gradually become addicted. Although the smoking rate among high school students in new york dropped from 27.1% in 2000 to 4.3% in 2016, the dab rigs smoking rate among students increased from 10.5% in 2014 to 27.4% in 2018.

  "seasoning" is the main reason for the sharp increase of dab rigs smoking rate among teenagers. Dab rigs manufacturers, represented by JUUL, have launched dab rigs with novel flavors such as mango, butter and chocolate, which are marketed to teenagers through social media and other communication platforms to induce them to smoke these seemingly harmless and cool dab rigs.

  Governor Kemer said on public radio on Monday that dab rigs' added flavors of bubble gum and marshmallow seemed to be tailored for young people, making them addicted to dab rigs. "this is a public health crisis." The newly promulgated administrative ban aims to eliminate deceptive dab rigs marketing behavior to underage users before relevant legislation is issued.

  The ban does not include the mint-flavored and traditional tobacco-flavored dab rigs, which are mainly used by adults, but the new York state department of health director Zuko said further evaluation will be made in the future on whether to issue a ban on mint-flavored dab rigs.

  It is understood that the ban is valid for 90 days and can be extended for 90 days after expiration by a further vote. Governor Kemer hopes to formally legislate the ban in January next year to make it permanent.

  Harmfulness Becomes Clear

  Dab rigs or "steam cigarette" was once said to be a better substitute for cigarettes, and manufacturers even claimed that water pipes for sale safer than conventional tobacco. However, studies have gradually shown that dab rigs can be deadly.

  U.s. health authorities are investigating serious respiratory cases related to dab rigs. According to the latest statistics released on the official website of the centers for disease control and prevention last Friday, there have been more than 450 suspected cases of serious lung diseases related to dab rigs in 33 states, including 6 deaths.

  Technicians have analyzed 150 dab rigs and found about 200 different chemicals. Whether these chemicals are harmful to the body was not clear at one time. However, the latest research shows that these chemicals, including aldehydes and special alcohol, will cause pulmonary emphysema-like lesions when inhaled into the lungs after being heated. For teenagers whose lungs are still developing, dab rigs may be more harmful. "I am only 18 years old this year, but my lungs are like those of a 70-year-old," a dab rigs smoker said in an interview with the us media.

  The cdc said, "people should consider stopping dab rigs products." Groups such as the American Medical Association called for immediate action to curb the spread of dab rigs among teenagers.

  All over the United States have followed suit

  Recently,lookah shop has almost reached the point of "everyone shouting and beating rats across the street" in the United States.

  President trump has proposed several times that the federal government issue an order prohibiting the sale of seasoned dab rigs. U.S. Health Secretary Azar said, "Although we have tried our best to enforce the law, children can still buy them ... so we can only take these flavored dab rigs off the shelf." It is said that the US Food and Drug Administration will enact regulations to prohibit retailers from selling all flavored dab rigs until manufacturers pass the review of the Tobacco Control Act. However, this law has been brewing since 2016 and has not been promulgated so far.

  Some states and municipalities have already taken action. Recently, Michigan approved a ban on mint dab rigs, and California and Massachusetts are considering similar measures. San francisco passed a ban on all dab rigs earlier this year.