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Foreign media point of view: teenagers choose dab rigs instead of cigarettes, which is an improvemen

by linbin on June 03, 2020


  On January 6, the Washington Examiner reported that the US ban on seasoning dab rigs was an unreasonable policy because the main cause of the outbreak of aerosolized lung disease was black market marijuana, not nicotine products. The report also pointed out that dab rigs are relatively safer than heavy carcinogens such as tar and carbon monoxide. as long as young people choose dab rigs instead of cigarettes from the beginning, this is an improvement.

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  The following is the full text:

  The U.S. war on jet water pipes is in full swing between Congress's recent decision to raise the age of buying dab rigs products to 21 years, the imposition of high dab rigs taxes on states, and the Trump administration's decision on Thursday to partially ban flavored dab rigs products. However, when you consider the positive attitude adopted by Britain, the folly of this new conflict is exposed. At first, the recent whole moral panic about dab rigs was groundless. Individual cases of death due to lung diseases associated with aerosolization have been used to mask the illusion that legitimate aerosolized products are dangerous. In fact, it is reported that almost all of the dead involved the use of black market products.

  Dab rigs are much healthier than traditional cigarettes. Dab rigs does contain nicotine, but nicotine was not the real problem with traditional cigarettes from the beginning-it is essentially similar to caffeine. On the contrary, the huge public health problems caused by cigarettes are caused by carcinogenic chemicals contained in cigarettes, such as tar. Dab rigs products do not contain similar chemicals, making them less likely to cause cancer.

  So it's not a bad thing that more teenagers are dab rigs. If they do not smoke, this is actually a positive development! The previous generation of young people became addicted to traditional cigarettes, which led many people to fall into crisis prematurely and die slowly and painfully from lung cancer. Now, young people smoke mints in their high school parking lot. This is not ideal, but it is far from a crisis.

  If the government wants to take any measures to solve the dab rigs problem, it should promote it as a substitute for smoking. This is what the British government has done to achieve great success. Consider the following article from the Wall Street Journal:

  In the uk dab rigs are all about nicotine, not drugs. It is socially acceptable and is almost completely restricted to smokers, even young people. Fewer than 1% of people have never smoked, and there is little sign that young people smoke faster than they do. At present, Britain has 3.6 million dab rigs and 5.9 million traditional smokers. Encouraged by the government, many British smokers have completely turned to water pipes for sale, whose official position is that dab rigs are 95% safer than smoking. this claim has now been supported by early studies on the incidence of diseases.

  The signing statement said that organizations that smoke is more harmful than smoking include the British Public Health, the Association of Public Health Directors, the Royal Society of Physicians and the Royal Society of Public Health. In Britain, no one died and almost no cases of lung diseases were directly attributed to smoking. A recent study concluded that through smoking, up to 70,000 people are helped to quit smoking every year by contacting other people who fail to quit smoking.

  We should focus on facts and ignore emotion-driven narration. Calm analysis shows that what we have done is completely opposite to what we should have done. We are putting more obstacles and restrictions on dab rigs. on the contrary, we should accept the british method. After all, this is going well for them.