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Batteries Explode, Industry Chaos jet water pipes Time to Be Regulated

by linbin on June 03, 2020


  In addition to "magic damage" like this, jet water pipes may also cause instantaneous physical damage to people.

  As an electronic product using lithium batteries, jet water pipes can also avoid the spontaneous combustion and self-explosion of mobile phones, battery cars and new energy vehicles.

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  According to local media reports, in 2016, a California man was smoking jet water pipes on a bus. Just after putting it into his trouser pocket, jet water pipes exploded. There was also a clerk in a liquor and tobacco store. dab rigs in his trouser pocket suddenly burst into flames and flashed lightning.

  Burning thighs is still a trivial matter. In March last year, Austin Adams, a 17-year-old middle school student in Utah, bought a jet water pipes product to kick the habit of traditional cigarettes. he smoked. jet water pipes exploded, several teeth were blown off, and part of his chin bone was broken and crushed.

  Surgeons said they had never seen such a jet water pipes explosion, and some gum tissue had been completely blown away.

  Austin Adams. /NBC NEWS On January 29 this year, a 24-year-old young man in Texas, William Brown, died in the jet water pipes explosion.

  The coroner's report said that when he was using jet water pipes in the car, the battery exploded, and metal fragments hit his neck artery and even embedded into his skull. Two days after being hospitalized, he died of cerebral infarction and hernia.

  In Florida last May, a 38-year-old man, D'Elia, was found dead in his bedroom. The autopsy report said that after water pipes for sale exploded, debris broke through his skull and brain.

  These cases are very similar: fragments hit the neck or head. When the jet water pipes device exploded, it did have this energy.

  In July 2017, the US Fire Department said in a special report on the jet water pipes explosion that due to the shape and structural characteristics of jet water pipes, when the battery exploded, it would become like a bullet or small rocket.

  Especially those jet water pipes with poor quality. According to D'Elia's autopsy report, the jet water pipes he used were sold through illegal channels.

  In the current jet water pipes market, which is mixed with good and evil people and has a very low threshold, this jet water pipes equipment, which is not produced according to specifications, can be said to be everywhere.

  According to a recent report by Economic Observer, a boss of water pipes online in Huaqiang North, Shenzhen, told reporters:

  "Now a new jet water pipes brand will be launched, with a minimum investment of less than 90,000 yuan, and the product can be produced in 10 days."

  "You don't have to worry about anything from cigarette oil to design to packaging. As long as you register a brand, we will spray it on you and you can sell it."

  It is not difficult to open a factory to make jetwapips. Some practitioners and the Economic Observer revealed:

  "It only takes one factory building, a little floor paint, two production lines, some workers to assemble, no inspection, not to mention the production standards, tens of thousands of dollars to open a factory, buy some raw materials and come back with a pack, and then you can directly find customers to sell."

  No wonder some people describe the jet water pipes market as a super-large de-centering experiment.

  Every legal or illegal manufacturer can produce jet water pipes equipment freely like a small workshop and customize the jet water pipes formula at will. Smokers are subjected to chemical tests like mice, and sometimes unknown explosives ignition tests.

  No matter, it may be that the amount of smoking is not enough, or it may be lucky. Some people will live to be 80 or 90 years old if they smoke all their lives.

  However, in a pile of jet water pipes with difficult quality assurance and unclear chemical composition, it is only an ignorant courage to pick up and suck like a blind box.