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Is it possible to ban glass water pipes completely in the country? Domestic glass water pipes policy

by linbin on June 03, 2020


  Now China has become a global glass water pipes production base, producing more than 90% of glass water pipes in the world and employing about 1 million people. the export volume is estimated to reach 26 billion RMB in 2018, with more than 20,000 patents applied, accounting for 87% of the global glass  water pipes patents. China has not easily developed into an industry with a voice in the world. What good is it to China to ban glass water pipes now? Looking at the whole country, how many industries have the initiative in the world?

lookah glass

  Besides, glass water pipes was invented by China. If you really want to ban glass water pipes, you will not set the national standard of glass water pipes and the national standard of glass water pipes will not enter the stage of "being approved"! It is impossible to ban glass water pipes. what is natural is to bring them under supervision, regulate the development of jet water pipes, and then collect taxes!

  Large and medium-sized glass water pipes enterprises support glass water pipes supervision.

  At present, China's glass water pipes market is full of chaos, uneven quality and difficult to ensure safety. These problems are not conducive to the healthy development of the glass water pipes industry, are not conducive to the interests of consumers, and have a huge negative impact on the development of the glass water pipes industry and the image of glass water pipes.

  Major glass water pipes enterprises in the industry also realize that it is very urgent to regulate the development of glass water pipes industry by means of laws and regulations. Strengthening supervision is conducive to the long-term and orderly development of the glass water pipes industry and the protection of consumers' interests. I just hope that the government will adopt a supportive attitude in formulating the glass water pipes policy to protect this industry that has developed into a voice in the international market.

  What is the main way to supervise glass water pipes?

  Due to the complex nature of water glass for sale products, there are great differences in regulatory policies among countries and there is no unified regulatory method. At present, the legal attribute of "glass water pipes" mainly includes several viewpoints such as tobacco products, drugs and consumer goods. taking either viewpoint will lead to different legal effects and will lead the government to adopt a "different degree of tightness" regulatory approach.

  It is precisely because the legal attribute of "glass water pipes" is not clearly defined at present that no government department has absolutely sufficient reason to claim the full legitimacy of its supervision right over "glass water pipes".

  Among the three major supervision methods, tobacco products and drugs are classified as supervision ideas, and there are examples to follow in the world.

  Regulatory Path of USA and Japan

  In the united states, glass water pipes is regulated by tobacco products. The United States is the world's largest glass water pipes market and tried to define glass water pipes as drugs in 2010 and regulate them according to drug standards. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) believes that nicotine is a drug defined in the U.S. Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act. Therefore, the FDA should be responsible for reviewing and approving the safety and effectiveness of glass water pipes containing nicotine.

  However, such relatively stringent regulatory measures have attracted strong opposition. The FDA lost the case in court and had to consider regulatory measures in the context of tobacco products. Since then, the FDA has regulated glass water pipes according to tobacco products.

  Glass is prohibited.

  On May 5, 2016, new regulations were issued to explicitly include new tobacco products such as glass water pipes into government supervision, requiring glass water pipes manufacturers to submit product composition information to FDA, and new product applications must be submitted and approved by FDA if new glass water pipes products are listed. At the same time, FDA has designed tobacco control measures for glass water pipes products, including purchase age limit, packaging health warning, automatic cigarette vending machine limit, etc.

  In japan, glass water pipes belongs to drug supervision. At first, Japan faced the same regulatory choice problem as the United States. Lookah glass dab rigs should be regarded as tobacco products under the supervision of the Ministry of Finance or drugs under the supervision of Japan's Ministry of Health. Japan's Ministry of Finance has long had the legal power to supervise the country's tobacco products and is also the actual controller of Japan's only local tobacco company, the Japan Tobacco Industry Company.

  In early December 2010, Japan's Ministry of Health obtained the regulatory authority of glass water pipes similar drugs through the interpretation of the law. At present, glass water pipes sold in the market absolutely contain no nicotine (IQOS is sold as cigarettes in Japan, not glass water pipes). Without permission from the ministry of health, nicotine-containing glass water pipes are currently banned, and only nicotine-free glass water pipes can be sold in the market.

  After the national standard of "glass water pipes" was issued, the tax policy followed. In the early days, the domestic sales of glass water pipes were not restricted, but after a certain sales scale was developed, it was restricted. However, it strongly supports exports, earns foreign exchange for the country, encourages cooperation with tobacco companies to implement the "going global" strategy, and collaborates with tobacco companies to become bigger and stronger abroad!

  At home, the policy is not the biggest risk of the glass water pipes industry. the biggest risk of glass water pipes is that the industry changes rapidly and will be eliminated if it fails to keep up with the development trend.