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How does the glass water pipes brand leverage the fan economy?

by linbin on June 02, 2020


  Since Xiaomi mentioned the fan economy, almost everyone around us is talking about the fan economy. How can the glass water pipes brand leverage the fan economy? The encyclopaedia interpretation of "belief" is "belief in and respect for a certain claim, doctrine, religion or someone or something, and regard it as one's own code of conduct". In the past, the word had a strong religious color. However, with the development of culture, many words have expanded and beliefs have more meanings. Although elegant, I hope it will be helpful to glass water pipes.

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  "Faith" Brings Fan Economy

  The "faith" which is divorced from the religious nature has begun to play a huge role in the economy. This also gave birth to the so-called "fan economy". Fan economy refers to the business income-generating behavior based on the relationship between fans and followers. It is a business operation mode that promotes the stickiness of users and obtains economic and social benefits through word-of-mouth marketing. For example, when we watched the live broadcast, many people gave gifts to the host. Lookah glass dab rigs manufacturers use a certain platform to gather circle of friends and fans through a certain point of interest to provide diversified and personalized goods and services to fans, and finally convert them into consumption and realize profits.

  The future glass water pipes brand will die sooner or later without fans.

  With perceptual consumption gradually gaining the upper hand today, enterprises can focus more on adding emotional capital to the brand, proceed from consumer psychology, and carry out more emotional marketing activities to drive fans' emotions and make them constantly recharge their brand beliefs.

  Apple is the best player in promoting users to become loyal fans and making fans constantly recharge their brand beliefs. Tens of thousands of fruit powder all over the world are fanatically loyal to the Apple brand and willing to buy more products under its brand. They are trying their best to assume the role of brand word-of-mouth propagandists in the society, influencing more consumers to try to buy new products of Apple and become new users through word of mouth. In today's flood of marketing information on the Internet, word of mouth has won the favor of more consumers, who are more willing to trust  their friends, which is also the rationality of fans. Not focusing on a single consumer's one-time purchase, but through the operation of the fan community, so  that consumers have consumer recognition of the brand and bring spiritual pleasure to fans, this "belief" can be more solid and continuous.

  Rice Noodle Festival, Maofen Festival, Star Meeting, Disney Theme Park, etc. are all successful marketing activities based on fans. Now the consumer consumption concept has changed, and they are more inclined to emotional consumption. They are willing and able to spend money on what they like, so more brands are starting to launch fan marketing and are doing it in full swing.

  The belief of glass water pipes brand

  As a product for smokers to give up smoking, glass water pipes is more difficult to establish consumer brand belief than other products, but once the fan base is stable, it will also bring great benefits to the brand. Glass water pipes products consume a lot and frequently, and are also one of the effective social tools. the benefits brought by the glass water pipes brand in developing fan economy are self-evident.

  Some brands have already launched relevant explorations, and the focus is prominent and unique. They have formed a certain separation from other brands and achieved corresponding results.

  For example, firearms jet water pipes proposed to build a national brand of glass water pipes through co-starring Jason Wu with Wolf Warriors 2. The brand has rich cultural connotation and the target consumer group has a relatively high education level, so it also has a higher consumption capacity and is relatively consistent with the mainstream price of its products. Making this part of the minority's cultural circle a true loyal fan of the brand not only brings about an increase in product sales, but also, in the long run, the fans' cultural accomplishment drives the further promotion of the brand's cultural connotation and creates a brand image of "depth, connotation and accomplishment" in the outside world.

  Firearm glass water pipes focuses on the construction of fan economy. Product quality is of course the top priority. At the same time, in the current diversified society, attracting consumers, touching consumers and successfully grasping consumers with the deep connotation of culture and brand is a good prescription. A brand culture with depth, breadth and conformity with products can arouse stronger resonance among consumers, create consumer beliefs, and even sometimes completely represent the entire brand and seize the minds of higher-end consumers in the social class. Today, when opinion leaders play an important role, they have grasped the hearts of most consumers, making them loyal fans of the brand, making their own contributions to their favorite brands and continuously recharging their brand beliefs. Using the unique language of glass water pipes to build a new set of value system for consumers, so that the brand's sense of value transcends the product itself and brings both physical and psychological satisfaction to consumers, thus forming more effective consumer loyalty.