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Lookah glass midfielder: save, save

by linbin on May 14, 2020

  Leaving is not the only solution.Even though the tobacco industry has undergone dramatic changes in the last year, most practitioners believe that past lookah glass sales have proven market value and that in the medium to long term a range of measures will be needed to deal with the policy and the original tobacco giants.After a deeper understanding, they stick to three beliefs:

  Core team value derivation.Lookah glass business is not their main business, but the technical experience of its core members, which allows the team to quickly launch a variety of pan-intelligent terminal businesses, thereby hedging the market risk of the original business.It's not hard to see how many of the original lookah glass teams and factories can be easily retrofitted to produce temperature guns and medical masks in the wake of the outbreak.Their lookah glass business could still make a comeback before the industry recovers.

  Domestic policy allows lenient treatment of heating for non-flammable products.Both domestic and foreign policy restrictions, mainly on tobacco-related products, and heating and non-combustion have limited impact on smoking equipment.As a carrier of consumption upgrading, heating non-combustion products can not only satisfy smokers' pursuit of tobacco taste and taste, but also reduce the harm of tobacco products to human health and have the ability to promote market growth in the future.
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  The global lookah glass market is untapped.With the exception of tobacco consumers, southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Australia, Africa and most markets that are still saturated virgin territory.Multinational markets have confirmed that the lookah glass industry is explosive in the short term.From a global perspective, there are still market opportunities in many countries.

  Even if the current industry situation is severe, the policy restrictions are still not bottoming out.In order to cope with the unknown policy uncertainty, the startup team is reportedly formulating preventive measures from the aspects of product, market, channel, technology and so on.

  Add hardware, add new elements.As a new type of electronics, lookah glass can use sophisticated electronics supply chain technology to enhance its competitiveness and experience.Smartphone wireless charging technology, for example, could solve the problem of consumers using lookah glass multiple times over a long and short period of time.

  Expand the diversity of tobacco bomb products according to the needs of consumers.Industrial hemp and nicotine share the same addictions and dependencies in the use of nicotine, and the range of target consumers is highly similar.With the growing popularity of legalization of industrial marijuana, many king volcano bong brands are setting up processing plants overseas to actively distribute CBD cigarette bomb products in preparation for a new round of industrial exposure.

  Big data for health control.The inability of traditional tobacco company users to track post-sales is a historical issue, and the smoking cessation effect of king volcano bong cannot be proven to be a historical and social issue.Hardware devices can use implantable material network technology to track consumer use and address both pain points.In this regard, some king volcano bong integrators are actively develop large data software, to adapt to the king, the volcano bong set, make the king volcano bong devices like smart wearable devices, not only can provide consumers with products using real-time monitoring, health alert, smoke bombs offline shopping guidance function, can also provide the tobacco manufacturers secondary consumers monitoring, evaluation and consumer service, etc.Improve the user and social value of the product.

  "We need to pay attention to politics, eat abroad and strengthen our foreign strategy," he said.Since the policy was tightened last year, the state has yet to determine the orientation of the atomized lookah glass properties, and there is still a lack of effective regulation and uniform quality standards.In the medium to long term, the policy is more uncertain about the impact of atomized lookah glass, thus facilitating the deployment of atomized lookah glass integrators in overseas markets where there are no strict policy controls.

  Internally enrich offline channels.Even though the lookah glass industry has grown dramatically over the past few years, lookah glass is still not available to consumers anywhere in their lives.It is believed that lookah glass will become more widely available in urban markets and offline sales locations as sales prices fall following last year's singles' day policy and the "black swan" pneumonia epidemic.It is worth mentioning that after the survival of the fittest in the first half, the old lookah glass consumer channel still exists, and the surviving lookah glass brand still has the opportunity to replace the old brand.

  In the midfield of the glass bong king industry, the brutal market did not give players a chance to rest and breathe.The industry rules in China are gradually emerging. The current glass bong king integrators not only need to solve the marketing problems, but also need to understand that the single-digit conversion rate of glass bong king in China is not a cold day.For them, the continued export of comprehensive strength can further promote industrial differentiation.