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Is one-off lookah seahorsecore harmful?

by linbin on June 01, 2020


  One-off lookah seahorse coil is an electronic product imitating cigarettes, originally invented to help people quit smoking, but is one-off lookah seahorse coil harmful? Is one-off lookah seahorsecore harmful? This has always been a problem discussed by people. According to the editor, one-off lookah seahorse coil is harmful to some extent, but it is relatively small.

  Is one-off lookah seahorsecore harmful?

  According to the standards of other countries in the world (FDA as an example), the nicotine content in lookah seahorse coil has a safe range, and the vast majority of Lookah Seahorse Coils currently on sale meet the safety standards! Therefore, the harm of nicotine absorbed by smoking lookah seahorse coil is far less than that of cigarettes.

lookah water glass pipes

  Lookah seahorse coil emits 9-450 times less toxic substances than ordinary cigarettes. In order to reach this result, the researchers tested the composition of the electronic cigarette, and the chemical engineers of the French national laboratory used an advanced "trapping and separating technology" to extract different components in the steam. The results show that the detected toxic substances, such as formaldehyde, acetaldehyde or acrolein, are very low in content, so we can confirm that the risk of glass bong king is much lower than that of ordinary tobacco. The French National Laboratory also explained that the toxic substances produced by glass bong king depend on the heating power (i.e. temperature) of the equipment and the evaporation environment of the steam.

  After being atomized, the nicotine solution of glass bong king forms an aerosol, which will be rapidly diluted in the air, while low-density aerosol is difficult to be absorbed again, so it will not form second-hand smoke. Therefore, glass bong king will not endanger the health of smokers and those around them. Of course, it cannot be said that glass bong king is completely harmless. Any product cannot be purely natural and completely non-toxic.

  Catalogue of Hazardous Products:

  First, some large smoke products, high temperature and high pressure limit of large smoke products, cracking reaction occurs under high temperature and high pressure to produce formaldehyde;

  Second, a certain type of disposable glass bong king or cigarette oil contains arecoline, which is highly carcinogenic together with nicotine, and arecoline itself is a carcinogen (the first-class carcinogen in the international carcinogenic catalogue);

  III. Illegal addition of non-standard flavors and fragrances. The additives used by glass bong king need to be analyzed through atomization safety experiments to ensure stability at a certain atomization temperature.

  Four, illegal use of some paint spraying process, potassium permanganate content exceeded the standard;

  Five, three without heating wire, electroplating process jerry-built or electroless plating process, heavy metal hazards;

  Six, a separate list: so-called universal traditional burning cigarette heating non-burning appliances! ! ! The specific principle is not repeated here. The reason is that there is a certain technical threshold (smoke bomb) for non-combustion when heated. The traditional cigarette will produce smoldering when heated and non-combusted, and its volatilized toxic substances are higher than those ignited.

  The above is all the information about "is one-time glass bonds from China a big hazard?" to sum up, one-time glass bonds from China has certain hazards, but it is less harmful than cigarettes, so one-time glass bonds from China can play a role in quitting smoking, but quitting smoking is a long journey, don't act too hastily.