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Lookah seahorse pro first half: the tide was against the tide

by linbin on May 14, 2020

  Lookah seahorse pro has been in development for decades.Due to its unique heating and non-combustion forms, the first healthy upgrade of the product concept slowed the decline in global tobacco production and sales.As a major tobacco consumer and global manufacturer of lookah seahorse pro, the local tobacco industry's single-digit conversion rate of lookah seahorse pro has been quietly injected, giving many potential entrants an infinite amount of imagination.

  After a new round of growth in the global lookah seahorse pro market driven by foreign tobacco brands, entrepreneurs from two of China's big groups have sniffed business opportunities in the past two years: Internet players in areas such as gaming, travel and the sharing economy, and "pan-smart terminals".
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  Steam lookah seahorse pro is designed to heat non-combustion lookah seahorse pro in addition to the ceramic chip used to heat atomization in the atomizer, as well as the thin film, and other components such as oil guide cotton, hardware, plastic, and storage tanks and battery rods that can be followed by other industry mature suppliers.

  From the perspective of lookah glass dab rig collector core team, due to the similarity of supply chain and assembly process, it is not difficult to find that many technical teams are engaged in the production and assembly of smart phones, small home appliances, smart headphones, smart floor sweepers, etc.

  Judging from the reaction times of lookah glass dab rig employees, the rapid expansion of the market and the regional maturity of the supply chain have even prevented most entrepreneurs from gaining insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the technology, leveraging their own mobile strengths to bring products to market through manual licensing.

  The early development of China's lookah seahorse pro industry shows that lookah seahorse pro is not a technologically advanced industry.When we talk about the original intention of employment, most startup brands are products of "no smoking for minors, smoking is harmful", and those entrepreneurs whose mission is to reduce the harm of smoking are rare in the vast ocean of profits.

  The lookah seahorse pro market hasn't seen a drop in sales in the past two years because of competition from competitors.After the lookah seahorse pro integrator placed lookah seahorse pro sales on the online e-commerce platform, the once explosive sales performance made e-commerce capital, in addition to market-facing capital, eager to experiment.Unfortunately, the market is still in competition, and it's not 02:00 in the spotlight. Atomized lookah seahorse pro entrepreneurs have emerged in the marketing process, attracting a large number of underage consumers;At the same time, product problems frequently appear in the news, have reported the irreparable harm to consumers.Under the great pressure of public opinion, domestic lookah seahorse pro was ruthlessly banned from the main battlefield, subject to the restriction of the policy, reaching at least 30% of the expected sales."Disaster is not the only disaster. For those who spread risk through offline channels, the cash flow will undoubtedly be worse under the impact of the pneumonia epidemic."As the roller-coaster market grows, lookah seahorse pro integrators whine that while their upstream and downstream chains are less affected, their supply chains are still uncertain because of the large number of brand exits.

  In the first half of lookah bongs, while the non-burning players are still quietly learning the technology and exploring the market conversion rate of tobacco consumers, the players who know marketing can easily reach a large number of young users, the players with abundant channel resources have a strong voice, and the agent factories are lying to some extent to make money.Finally, the first half of the domestic lookah bongs, with the baptism of the industry as the end.