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The new coronavirus outbreak did not have a significant negative impact on water pipes online.

by linbin on May 14, 2020

  Sales have been rebounding since the water pipes online health crisis last summer, and sales have largely returned to normal, while the coronavirus outbreak has reportedly had a significant impact on consumer behavior and the supply chain.

  Headphone, a seattle-based data analytics company, found that four markets it tracks in the U.S. -- California, Colorado, Nevada and Washington -- lost market share after the water pipes online health scare.The decline was steady from late September until early October.However, since the coronavirus outbreak, some companies that produce and sell water pipes online say consumers have not reduced their purchases of such products, even though the coronavirus is a respiratory related disease that can lead to a drop in sales.
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  Akerna is a technology company based in Denver that tracks data on water pipes online."We are not seeing a significant decline at the moment," said JesicaBillingsley, chief executive of akner.According to billingsley, the company has seen its share of water pipes online sales rise from 31 per cent to 34 per cent since August 2019."Overall, sales are up two percent in one month since October 2019," she said.

  The coronavirus outbreak did not have a significant impact on the market. Even in the early stage of the epidemic, the sales volume of water pipes online products increased by more than 9%.

  Platinum is a SAN diego-based company that sells glass pipes amazon in Michigan and Oklahoma.In the face of the recent coronavirus outbreak, co-founder GeorgeSadler says sales have increased in recent weeks, particularly one-off glass pipes amazon.The company bought a large number of glass pipes amazon's "ink cartridges" from China in advance, and now that manufacturers in Asian countries have resumed operations, sadler said it is confident of maintaining a steady supply.

  JimMakoso, vice President of seattle-based LucidOils, said the company has recovered 85 to 90 percent since the health crisis.Water pipes online is still a popular product in the Seattle area.While he is concerned about the prospect of a post-coronavirus recession, a prolonged recession could lead consumers to buy less or cheaper products.But he does not think the respiratory disease will deter consumers from buying the product.Meanwhile, supply chains from China have been able to deliver goods, although this will take longer.

  Bobbi burleson, an analyst at CanaccesGen, a toronto-based group, said the recent growth in retail demand for cannabis in many parts of the us would help water pipes online.He noted that inventory management requirements for such products are lower than for marijuana products such as marijuana flowers and have a longer shelf life.That means consumers may end up buying more water pipes online, according to Burleson.

  PeterCalfee, chief executive of denver-based Gofire, a maker of high-tech marijuana inhalers, said sales at his jet water pipes fell last fall, but have recently rebounded across the industry."It has come down a lot in the last few months," he added.But it seems to have fully recovered.The coronavirus outbreak caused no problems in the company's supply chain.He also said the jet water pipes plant in China was "accelerating" and did not expect further supply chain disruptions.