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Lookah glass causes cancer?Much better than traditional cigarettes, say British experts

by linbin on May 14, 2020

  Move your mouth, break your legs.There has been debate about the health of regular cigarettes and lookah glass, which have edged their way out of the limelight from a high-tech product that already exists, and are even starting to be questioned: more harmful than traditional cigarettes.

  Many people say they don't know who to listen to or trust in disputes.Recently, the department of health, through research and research, issued an authoritative conclusion that lookah glass is less harmful than conventional cigarettes.

  On March 5, the department of health published an article about the eight truths of lookah glass and reposted it on the UK government's website, which is no doubt a powerful rebuttal to rumours and prejudices in the lookah glass industry.
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  Eight truths of China bongs;

  Nicotine China bongs was not linked to last year's outbreak of lung disease in the United States.

  2. Switching to China bongs can significantly improve vascular health.

  3. There is no doubt that there is no doubt about reducing the harm caused by China bongs.

  Nicotine does not cause cancer.

  5. China bongs can help people stop smoking, and the results are very good.

  There is no second-hand smoke problem with China bongs.

  The proportion of teenagers who smoke will not rise because of e-cigarettes.

  It is very important that the regulations on China bongs be well implemented.

  As a new thing, its recognition and research needs a process, just like lookah glass, from the scientific research field to the ordinary consumer, everyone's cognition is also a gradual improvement process.

  However, lookah glass isn't the only thing that's happened in recent years.In fact, the earliest lookah glass was created in 1963, when gilbert created a smokeless, non-cigarette device that worked by heating a nicotine solution and producing a vapor gas.In 1965, his research and development patents were granted, and gilbert's concept of a smokeless non-cigarette invention was first mentioned in the most popular mechanical magazine.In 1967, gilbert struck a partnership with a company interested in the device to quantify production, but unfortunately this was not the real market.Since then, smokeless non-cigarette devices have been desalinated from public opinion until they disappeared.

  It wasn't until 2001 that StephenVlacho designed the world's first prototype functional sample of an e-cigarette, which USES electronic thermal resistance to heat a biological compound containing nicotine to produce steam.In 2002, the first issue of king glass bong was officially unveiled at the international invention exhibition in Geneva, attracting strong interest from smokers.However, Vlach did not patent the product's invention.It wasn't until 2004, when his similar king glass bong product appeared in China, that he completely changed his mind.Currently, China has become a major producer of king glass bong.

  Of course, smoking is bad for your health, whether it's traditional cigarettes or king glass bong, so if you want to stay healthy, the best way to quit is to quit, not in some other less harmful way.