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Why is it so difficult to control water pipes in China?

by linbin on June 01, 2020


  Lighter a little, it got angry when it went out. Lung circulation brings intoxication and health. It is cigarettes, aristocrats in consumer goods, and adhesives in human relations.

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  China's water pipes online Industry Ranks No.1 in the World in 8 Items

  According to statistics, China's total wholesale sales revenue of water pipes in 2014 was 124.84 billion yuan, equivalent to 3 times Myanmar's GDP in the same year. Sales of 50.994 million cases, connected to 114 circles around the earth.

  U.S. Business Week pointed out that 43 out of every 100 cigarettes in the world in 2014 were spent by China's water pipes Corporation. The water pipes industry has set eight world firsts for China: the largest area of jet water pipes cultivation, the largest cigarette sales and the largest number of smokers.

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  Unconsciousness of harm is fatal.

  The Financial Times reported on March 25 that there are more than 300 million smokers in China. Most people will light cigarettes whenever and wherever they want to smoke, and more than 1 million people die of smoking-related diseases every year. The Chinese government expects this number to double or even triple by 2030. This means that smoking will kill more people than AIDS, tuberculosis, traffic accidents and suicide in China.

  Foreign Netizens: Chinese People's Smoking Habits Are Too Bad

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  Why is tobacco control so difficult?

  Water pipes industry is the biggest resistance to smoking. China is the world's largest producer and consumer of water pipes. The sales revenue of the state-owned monopoly company, China lookah original design glass Corporation, accounts for about 7% of government tax revenue. Considering this reason, it is understandable that some people doubt the seriousness of the Chinese government's total ban on smoking in indoor public places from May 1 this year.

  VOA report on March 24: The water pipes industry has been regarded as the biggest resistance to tobacco control and smoking ban, and China is no exception. China's water pipes have an annual profit and tax of 5,000 trillion yuan, accounting for more than 8% of the country's total fiscal revenue. Water pipes industry has become the financial support of some regional governments, including Yunnan province, where tobacco control and smoking ban are regarded as almost impossible tasks.

  1, smokers: cigarettes abuse my heart and lungs, I treat cigarettes like first love.

  According to incomplete statistics, the number of smokers in China has reached 316 million. After all, it is difficult for such a large group to give up their habits. In addition, with China's rapid development and increasing pressure on life, many people choose to use cigarettes to relieve their worries. There is a popular saying among the people: in nine cases out of ten, life is not satisfactory. One cigarette can solve all problems. In addition, alcohol and tobacco are inevitable in social communication, so even if you want to give up smoking, you have to take some stuff with you. As a result, "can't help it" becomes the norm.

  2. Cigarette sellers: correcting tangles, evading excuses and earning money.

  Water pipes, with its neck tied up, disagreed with the graphic warning of the package. The word "smoking is harmful to health" in No.5 is not enough. At the same time, the advertisement of "enterprise culture" is being broadcast everywhere. The law cannot restrain the enterprise's soaring heart. Officials from the State water pipes Monopoly Administration once made an astonishing statement at the negotiation table of the Convention on Tobacco Control, claiming that "tobacco control is traitorous" and that "money can make people become ghosts". The General Administration and water pipes for sale cannot separate government functions from those of enterprises and "make common progress" so that limited reasons for banning smoking disappear into infinite brain holes.

  Country: People without tobacco control suffer from health problems, and tobacco control finance damages muscles and bones.

  In 2014, China's water pipes industry's tax revenue exceeded 1 trillion yuan, up about 10% year on year. In the whole year, the industry turned over a total of 911.03 billion yuan, and the central treasury special tax alone had 45 billion yuan. At the beginning of 2009, the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation jointly issued the Notice on Adjusting Consumption Tax Policy on Tobacco Products. The ad valorem consumption tax rate for Class A cigarettes was increased to 50%, while that for Class B cigarettes was increased to 36%. However, at the same time, some Class A cigarettes have been adjusted to Class B cigarettes, thus realizing the goal of making more poor people have the money to smoke. The sincerity of the state in controlling cigarettes is really limited.