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Who added firewood to the raging jet water pipes fire?

by linbin on May 30, 2020


  The reason why tuyere is called tuyere lies in the fact that some people are constantly singing bad songs and others are constantly joining in. No one can see for sure. Jet water pipes is the tuyere of 2019, a tuyere that is still very popular after being criticized by 315 parties.

glass bong

  At the beginning of 2019, numerous small brands such as FLOWFLOW, YOOZjet water pipes, Xiao Ye, SSSO Soo, Whale Smoke, Qinglan, Lingxi, and Platinum flooded into jet water pipes market.

  China's water pipes for sale market is really on fire. However, although these brands have some highlights, they have no bright spots. There has never been a product that makes people shine at the moment. The market is also in chaos.

  As a result, the Health and Welfare Commission will legislate to supervise jet water pipes. The news only made jet water pipes calm for a short time and then continued to be hot. It is different from the dreaminess when the 315 party was criticized. Facing this legislation, the whole industry is more calm. The entry of powerful brands and capital has given jet water pipes a shot in the arm.

  Not only do domestic start-up brands emerge in jet water pipes, but also major foreign brands and even global brands are appearing in the Chinese market:

  The world's top luxury Lamborghini family's Tony Lolamborghini jet water pipes has entered the Chinese market to sell high-end jet water pipes.

  JULL of the United States will also bring in capital in 2020;

  Beijing Sankuai Technology Co., Ltd., the main operating body of the US group, has added retail tobacco (including jet water pipes) business, and the US group is suspected of joining the water pipes online battlefield.

  In terms of strength, especially Tony Lolamborghini jet water pipes, it is not a single jet water pipes brand, but a part of the Lamborghini family's vast business landscape, and its strength is even more powerful. Luxury goods, takeout, and the entry of the big three US jet water pipes show that China's jet water pipes is still a promising market.

  Tony lorlamborghini jet water pipes design draft

  Perhaps it is in response to that sentence: as people gather firewood, jet water pipes may usher in a "conceptual change" and become the next 100 billion market.