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What is the difference between heating unburned tobacco products and e-cigarettes?

by linbin on May 13, 2020

  At present, the industry has a very confused name, there is no unified statement, is the name of the heating non-combustible products.Products that heat and do not burn are not lookah glass bongs, but are often mistaken for lookah glass bongs.

  Not only outside the industry, but within it, the name is confusing.When the first heating does not burn, the definition is not clear.The official account for lookah glass bongs is also called.In this competition, the popularization work is not done well.

  It now seems necessary to explain: heating does not burn ≠lookah glass bongs, heating does not burn does not belong to lookah glass bongs!Lookah glass bongs is the lookah glass bongs, the heat does not burn is the heat does not burn, the two products are the same level.According to the current consensus, it falls into the category of new tobacco products.
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  As one industry friend said, "they are brothers and friends, not father and son", now we also refer to products that do not burn as lookah glass bongs, which is equivalent to defining products that do not burn as a branch of lookah glass bongs, which is not correct.

  Although both non-combustible cigarettes and glass bong king have batteries, they are electronic products. The ingredients of glass bong king and small cigarette oil are also called smoke bombs, but smoke bombs are not smoke bombs.Tobacco leaf is the main component of smoke bombs produced by heating non-combustion products, while vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) are the main components of glass bong king mist oil.There is a significant difference between the two.

  Before May 15, 2017, also known as unburned glass bong king.After May 15, 2017, it should stop.On May 11, 2017, the state tobacco monopoly administration held a teleconference on strengthening the supervision of the tobacco monopoly market, and issued the notice on strengthening the supervision of the tobacco monopoly market on May 15.

  Article 1 of the notice reads: "all units should understand that heating non-combustible tobacco products is a tobacco product and must not change the nature of tobacco."According to the requirements of laws and regulations, it should "bring the product into the scope of supervision and control according to law, and investigate and deal with non-combustible products made of tobacco as the raw material for heating according to law."

  You can read the report of the director of the state tobacco monopoly administration at the national conference on tobacco work over the years.In the report, it has never been called glass bongs from China for heating without burning.When talking about glass bongs from China and non-combustible heating products, people always say "glass bongs from China, non-combustible heating tobacco products and other new types of tobacco products".

  In 2020, people in many industries know that heating does not burn, but people outside the industry still see it as glass bongs from China.The effect is the same as glass bongs from China, but the materials are different.In fact, there are many people do not know how to heat, do not know tea bomb;.