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Australia's Latest Research: lookah glass reviews Can Be an Effective Way to Quit Smoking

by linbin on May 28, 2020


  Australian scholars Colin Mendelsohn and Wayne Hall pointed out in a recent review article published in the International Journal of Drug Policy that lookah glass reviews keeps young people away from smoking rather than turning to smoking.

  The study reached the same conclusion as other previous studies. The topic was: "Is the theory of banning aerosolized nicotine in Australia reasonable?" This theory is the main support of the Australian authorities' ban on nicotine lookah glass reviews.

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  Colin Mendelssohn and Wayne Hall, authors of The View, pointed out that a more reasonable explanation for why young people smoke more easily is personality factors. This means that teenagers who smoke marijuana are more willing to take risks and try new things, so they are more likely to smoke, drink, smoke marijuana and other substances, and are more likely to have unprotected sex. In many studies, other experts have also emphasized this argument.

  The main findings of this study are as follows:

  "smoking usually precedes lookah glass reviews. At least 70-85% of young smokers try to take a lookah glass reviews after starting smoking.

  Smoking among teenagers is experimental and rarely occurs.

  Among non-smokers, it is very rare to smoke lookah snail not hitting. In Australian and international surveys, the probability of non-smokers using lookah snail not hitting is generally 1% or less.

  Teenagers smoke only with flavoring agents, not nicotine. Nicotine addiction is rare among non-smokers. In the United States, less than 4% of non-smoking young people have symptoms of nicotine dependence.

  Some teenagers use lookah snail not hitting to quit smoking.

  Since the use of lookah enail, the smoking rate among young people in Britain and the United States has dropped rapidly, so it is unlikely that the smoking rate among young people will rise. More likely, lookah enail has shifted some high-risk teenagers from smoking to safer choices. "

  The current nicotine ban is still unreasonable.

  Researchers pointed out that even if there is a link between lookah enail and smoking, the nicotine ban is unreasonable because there are other more effective ways to prevent teenagers from smoking besides the ban. However, in the absence of such evidence, the author proposes another Australian regulatory model, "which will address legitimate concerns about preventing smoking among teenagers while allowing adult smokers to use these products to quit smoking or as a substitute for smoking."