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The UK's lookah q8 review industry has adapted to the new online distribution model

by linbin on May 28, 2020


  A 2019 study showed that steam stores played a key role in supporting smokers to switch to safer alternatives. The topic of this study is: "the experience of customers in the steam store on the use of the lookah q8 review, the steam store and the lookah q8 review community." The study found that smokers usually use the lookah q8 review as a smoking cessation tool.

  In addition, research participants have made it clear that steam stores are crucial to their smoking cessation experience because physical stores can provide a variety of high-quality products as well as reliable product information and advice.

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  Sadly, despite such reports, due to the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, steam shops are still considered as "unnecessary open places" and have to be closed. therefore, many independent small lookah q8 review enterprises have been worried about their survival, while their customers are worried about whether they can continue to get help in quitting smoking.

  In response to this situation, the UKVIA issued a press release reminding the national lookah q8 review users that they can still obtain lookah q8 review through online retailers and door-to-door service despite the ban.

  Similarly, the UK's lookah quartz coil Trade Association (IBVTA) has provided some suggestions and useful links for its members on its website to help them transition to different business modes.

  Britain's lookah quartz coil enterprise has restructured its business.

  Most professional online steam stores, online and offline hybrid retailers and physical stores have reorganized their retail businesses to provide home delivery services. Retailers have increased their warehouse space, increased the size of customer service teams, and established Internet online and telephone consultation channels for lookah quartz coil users.

  Of course, the demand of online retailers has increased considerably. One of the retailers, Vape Club, saw its business grow by 150-200%. "Normally, when the order volume exceeds the normal level, such as at Christmas, we will increase manpower to deal with it. However, due to the current situation, this is impossible. Therefore, we have extended the shift hours and increased the shift hours on weekends. " Manager Dan Marchant said.

  "We have also deployed innovative" social alienation "measures so that everyone can work quickly and efficiently in the restrictive environment in which we currently operate. For example, we have introduced a one-way system in the warehouse, so there is no need for employees to cross pick orders. We also provide a large number of suggestions and information through telephone, e-mail, real-time chat and online materials. Some of our youtube tutorials have been viewed more than 2 million times. "

  Check the IBVTA website for the latest situation in the uk.

  At the same time, IBVTA assured the public that it is doing its best to keep in touch with local authorities and pass on the latest relevant information to its members. "IBVTA will work late into the night and get the government's relevant information on whether the steam store will reopen as soon as possible in the morning of the next day. Once we get the information, we will release it as soon as possible.

  "We all know this is a very difficult period. As our telephone line is very busy today, we thank you for your patience and cooperation. At the same time, we will work hard to get the best answer so as to support tattoo glass rig's business, its employees and, most importantly, our customers."