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The lookah glass trade association in New Zealand said the government could ease restrictions on lookah glass tastes.

by linbin on May 13, 2020

  According to New Zealand's blue hole consumption report, on May 13, New Zealand media reported that New Zealand lookah glass trade association vtanz representative devry recently said that the New Zealand health choices council has now better recognized the importance of lookah glass taste in helping new zealanders to quit smoking.By then, we may see the government's proposed restrictions on taste relaxed.

  His comments were submitted orally by zoom, including comments on smoke-free environments and regulated products (steam) amendments.The bill was introduced in February by New Zealand's deputy health minister, Jenny salesa, and the health commission is due to report to parliament by June 2.
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  "Members of congress have heard from many people and organizations that our young people must be protected, but also remember that fruits, desserts and sweet foods are the favorite foods of adults and are key to successful smoking cessation," devry said.

  Currently, the glass bong king bill proposes limiting the taste of glass bong king to menthol, mint and tobacco only for all non-specialty glass bong king retailers.

  He believes it is only in the interest of big tobacco to limit the availability and desirability of adult electronic fogging products so that they can continue to control new zealanders and at-risk communities.

  'we hope gm retail will allow more three flavors,' he said.This would reflect the fact that up to 90% of former smokers want and need these flavours away from cigarettes.There are cigarettes everywhere, but without the popular lookah seahorse coil, there is only the risk that smoking rates will rise.

  He believes that too strict a restriction on taste could also give new zealanders access to potentially dangerous and unregulated black market products, leading to hospitalisations for pneumonia similar to those suffered overseas.

  Vtanz is optimistic that the committee will recommend that congress strictly limit and regulate e-cigarette advertising, such as alcohol, but the bill does not currently ban it outright.

  Mr. Devry said New Zealand's government is under increasing pressure to spend.At the moment, it makes no sense to allow only taxpayer-funded advertising campaigns to promote the benefits of the shift from smoking to e-smoking.Lookah seahorse coil shall be able to use its profits for limited advertising to save taxpayers' taxes.