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Why do you cough when you smoke glass pipes and bongs?

by linbin on April 22, 2020

Why do you cough when you smoke glass pipes and bongs?To be exact, more than half of glass pipes and bongs users cough, or 57 percent.If so many people are coughing, why not?In short, there are many reasons why people cough when they use glass pipes and bongs, but none of them are harmful.So what's behind the cough when you smoke glass pipes and bongs?

  Why do you cough when you smoke glass pipes and bongs?

  The main reason we cough is irritation of the throat or lungs.Stimulation doesn't necessarily mean it's bad, it's just the body's response to the unknown.Have you ever coughed from drinking too much?This does not mean your life is in danger, but your throat's natural reaction to the accident.This happens when you cough.

  So what causes coughing when glass pipes and bongs are used?The first possible cause is high levels of nicotine.The higher the nicotine content, the greater the irritation in the throat, which we often call the throat bump, which can irritate the throat and cause a cough.

  Other possible causes of coughing are glass pipes and bongs themselves.When people first switched from smoking to glass pipes and bongs, they were not used to the feeling of steam in their throats.They inhale the steam in the same way as smoking, which can irritate their throat and cause a cough.Add to that the heat of the steam, and your throat can get dry, which can lead to coughing.

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  The last possible reason is that your throat will heal itself after you quit smoking.As the injury in the throat is recovering, the throat becomes more sensitive in the process.This means that when the steam comes into contact with the throat, it causes irritation and therefore a cough.

  Is there anything wrong with your cough?

  As we said earlier, no.Coughing is purely a reaction because you're not used to atomizing the experience.That doesn't mean it's as bad as smoking, nor does it mean you should go back to smoking.

  Your throat is not damaged when you cough.Conversely, coughing isn't a bad thing when your throat is healing from years of smoking.In fact, while 57 percent of people cough while using glass pipes and bongs, 93 percent also report that it is not a long-term problem.In other words, when they finally got used to glass pipes and bongs, the cough naturally stopped.

  How can I stop the cough?

  Although coughing is temporary and harmless, it can be really annoying to cough often.Is there any way to speed up the cough?The answer is simple: yes.In fact, there are many ways, depending on your situation, there may be a very simple solution.

  If you use more nicotine in the oil, the easiest way is to simply reduce the amount of nicotine in the oil to reduce irritation to the throat and prevent coughs caused by irritation.

  If you feel dry after using glass pipes and bongs, drink a glass of water to relieve dehydration and avoid coughing.

  Another way to stop coughing is to continue practicing using glass pipes and bongs and find a method that works for you, which is a comfortable way.It is thought that the longer a cough lasts, the longer it lasts, so finding the right way to use it in time can shorten the coughing process, even from the mouth to the lungs.

  When your throat is healed from a smoking injury, you don't have to do anything.You just have to let it slowly recover and get the healing throat used to the atomization of glass pipes and bongs.

  Ninety-three percent of people with coughs have fewer symptoms, and as you get used to glass pipes and bongs, cough is no longer a problem.If you still have a cough problem, it may be a more serious health problem, independent of the use of glass pipes and bongs.Trust me, you should see your doctor in time to see if you have any other problems besides using glass pipes and bongs.

  Since 93% of people with coughs have fewer cough symptoms, the easiest way to help your body with this problem is to keep breathing.Because you've been smoking glass pipes and bongs for a long time, your body gets more used to it and coughing is no longer a problem.If you still have a problem, then it could be a symptom of a more serious problem and you should ask your gp to make sure there are no potential problems before the atomisation starts.