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What was the reason for my first glass dab rigs?

by linbin on April 28, 2020

In fact, it is normal for this to happen. The reason is not the quality problem of the product itself, but the scientific basis. At the same time, this situation can be effectively solved. Don't worry too much. bubbler glass bong is still the best tool to replace traditional cigarettes.

  Take a glass dab rigs and your throat is dry.


  The first is the composition of glass dab rigs, which is mainly divided into four parts: PG, VG, perfume and nicotine.

  PG and VG are health food additives. Spices mainly provide a variety of flavors. Nicotine provides addiction and throat sensation.

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  What was the reason for my first glass dab rigs? The main reason is PG, which is also called vegetable glycerin. When glass dab rigs is used, it generates smoke. Water absorption is one of its characteristics. When we pump repeatedly, it will cause the water in our mouth to absorb. The more we suck, the more we absorb, so it will cause our throat to be very dry.


  This situation is not a big problem, it is a normal phenomenon, and it is easy to solve. At first, I felt dry and drank more water. According to my individual constitution, I usually stick to it for 1 to 2 weeks. By then, smoking a glass dab rigs won't be as bad as it was at first.

  Smokers who have just given up traditional cigarettes and smoked Glasdabrigs are only one of the possible situations. In many cases, novice glass dab rigs have a gradual adaptation process. During this period, you may feel dry throat, cough, hot throat, dizziness, etc. These are normal phenomena. As long as you persist for a period of time, the body can adapt to it.

  If, in the end, I really feel unable to adapt, then you can try to change the brand of glass bong shop. "The mixing of different brands of Glasdabrigs oil is different. Smoke oil with low PG content can alleviate the problem of throat dryness. Low nicotine content in tobacco oil can relieve throat problems. You can try glass dab rigs such as ammunition and Jules, which have good reputation. In today's glass dab rigs brand, many attempts are to find the most effective method that is most suitable for you.