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This is the first "official ultimatum" glass pipes received.

by linbin on June 04, 2020


  The e-commerce platform, which had no protection against glass pipes, immediately tightened its nerves: after the party ended, Jingdong pulled off all the search results under the keyword "glass pipes". Of course, after a brief panic, JD.com put it back on the shelves.

lookah glass

  However, according to the report of Tencent Deep Web, on the morning of March 15, there was already news in the glass pipes circle that they might be named. Their most worrying report focused on the qualification of glass pipes, which in their view might even ruin the entire industry from now on. However, when the report of the 315 party only focused on water pipes for sale, which is also harmful to human body, and consumers should not fall into another consumption misunderstanding in order to keep up with the fashion, some employees clapped their hands and said "pass the barrier".

  Regarding the "315" naming of glass pipes, Yao Haofeng later told Hu Xiao that he was not surprised. On the contrary, he felt that glass pipes was too hot and "it's a good thing to press on".

  Where does the tuyere stop?

  The window period of the tuyere is very short, and the glass pipes market is not sure which day it may become a thing of the past like the previous smart hardware startups such as smart wearable, VR, AR, etc.

  Of course, where the wind blows depends on the policy.

  Several brands all think that there will be corresponding glass pipes market regulations and policies this year. But as a third-party service provider, Chen Heng does not think so. Based on the fact that the glass pipes market is still a very small one, she does not think that she will get the attention of the policy so quickly. However, she also said that "315" did magnify the impact of the policy.

  For the entire glass pipes market, how to improve production capacity and maintain competitiveness is the most important thing. The noisy glass pipes market cannot escape the market rule of survival of the fittest in the future. The giant effect will slowly emerge. Who will be able to stay on the court then?

  Interestingly, at the beginning of this month, some netizens exposed photos of Luo Yonghao looking for glass pipes factory in Shenzhen. This may indicate that Lao Luo, who is about to enter the next startup project, chose water pipes online.

  "Don't smoke if you don't smoke." At the press conference, Lao Luo once said so. But who can resist things that can make people addicted to heart so tenaciously?

  If the gods want to punish me, they must first let me wait for my wish. No one can hold back the take-off and decline of a tuyere. In the busy present, people still fail to consider what kind of answer the market will give in the future.

  Under the fierce competition among peers, what they have to deliver first is their own answers.