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For water in exhaust pipe, the biggest screwdrivers are still regulated.

by linbin on May 14, 2020

 Despite differences in global policies, there is no consensus on domestic e-cigarettes.Hangzhou, shenzhen and the Hong Kong special administrative region have introduced strict e-cigarette control measures, but other regions are clearly lagging behind.Hong Kong's new rules ban imports, sales, distribution and publicity.The maximum penalty for the offence is a fine of $50,000 and six months 'imprisonment.Obviously, glass bong china are regulated by tobacco, but not by the tobacco monopoly system.

water pipes

  The tobacco monopoly system has two sources: one is the ancient salt and iron monopoly system, which has created rich profits and brought in fiscal revenue for the central government;Second, tobacco is not suitable for market-oriented management.Once tobacco is marketized and competitive, the price of cigarettes will change dramatically and more and more people will smoke.Tobacco monopoly aims to control the number of smokers through special price control by the state.

  The status quo of e-cigarettes is that, on the one hand, they have the characteristics of tobacco. The product contains nicotine, which is highly addictive and can harm health if used frequently.At the same time, it is not under the jurisdiction of the monopoly administration, and e-cigarettes appear on the market like bamboo shoots after a spring rain.Competition is increasing and there is no regulation of tobacco monopolies.

  The idea behind lookah glass platinum was to stop smoking and treat addiction, not to become just another cigarette.However, in CCTV and media reports, the original treatment of e-cigarette addiction has become a new way of smoking, and even a trend to surpass and replace the traditional tobacco industry.

  E-cigarettes are a bit like the awkward position of online games.At that time, the supervision of online games appeared a number of management, the ministry of culture and the layout office at the same time responsible for, in the "world of warcraft" agent, even a fight between the gods, mortals embarrassed;Although e-cigarettes are in a short-term unregulated grey vacuum, the health and tobacco sectors are eager to experiment, and e-cigarettes are likely to become another fragmented area of regulation similar to online games.

  China is already the largest producer of e-cigarettes.China's production and export of e-cigarettes account for more than 90% of the global e-cigarette market, almost dominating the global e-cigarette market.On the a-share market, there are at least seven listed companies linked to e-cigarettes that rely on the tobacco industry's profiteering model.Last year, the seven companies had revenue of 21.8 billion yuan and net profit of nearly 3.6 billion yuan.

  E-cigarettes have also become the darling of the venture capital industry.By the first half of 2019, the Chinese market had completed financing for at least 14 e-cigarette projects, with a total financing amount of more than 574 million yuan.Among them: in June 2018, RELXYueke received financing of 38 million yuan;In December 2018, "zhisheng", an e-cigarette developer, completed 30 million yuan of pre-a-round financing.In December 2018, Moti raised $10 million from a previous funding round.

  From the point of view of capital, lookah glass bong review are a huge market, an area where unicorns can be born.The simplest reference is China's tobacco industry.In 2018, the total industrial and commercial tax revenue and profit of China's tobacco industry reached 1.Last year, 1,556 trillion yuan was spent, of which 1 trillion yuan was transferred to the state Treasury.Tobacco accounted for just 7% of the country's total tax revenue of less than $14 trillion that year.In addition, there are more than 300 million smokers in China, and they are also potential users of e-cigarettes.

  Yuetch's success stems from its focus on product design and research, as well as user experience.Yichi alpha is the most expensive product on the official website. It adopts the design of circulating airway and has a high smoking sense.And the operation is very simple, to achieve zero button direct smoking, the material used with the same level of baby pacifier Tritan material.All the designs not only take into account the cigarette user experience, but also have unique innovations.

  Seven months of sea experience, not only have successful experience, but also encountered different countries and different cultures.First of all, yuechao has set its target users for overseas Chinese to provide more Chinese tastes, such as lychee ice, mung bean Popsicle, chilled mango mint cream (Pomelo) and so on.

  However, the United States has a low awareness of cigarettes and lacks a gift-giving culture similar to China's.Europeans attach great importance to environmental protection and need an in-depth understanding of local culture, politics and economy.Like all companies looking to expand overseas, yue has a long way to go.

  2. Luo yonghao v. lobular e-cigarette

  Over the past year, a number of players have entered the field of e-cigarettes.We will hear many familiar names, such as luo yonghao.