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Five clear methods of electronic cigarette atomizer

by linbin on May 08, 2020
I saw many friends say that the smell of lookah glass has become sweet. For personal hygiene, make sure that the taste is pure. Remember to clean the atomizer often!

  1. Hot water, warm water can be poured into the appropriate amount of hot water, gently shake for a minute or two, then pour out the water, and then blow dry. This method is simple, but still leaves a strong smell of glass bongs from china oil.
lookah glass
  Second, vinegar, daily necessities, the sprayer will be mixed with vinegar water, cooked, after about ten minutes, rinse with water and then blow dry. Cleaning the lookah glass atomizer with vinegar is a good choice, and it works well.

  3. A Coca-Cola beverage in the United States, it takes about 24 hours to soak the lookah glass atomizer in the cola beverage. After drinking, wash with warm water, cold water, boiling water, and finally blow dry. This method is tedious and tedious, and the effect may not be ideal. The smell of cigarette oil is still very strong.

  4. Vodka and Russian wine dry the atomizer, pour in the appropriate amount of vodka, seal the mouth of the atomizer with your fingers, shake gently for one to two minutes and pour it out. Then rinse with hot water and let it dry. Remember, you don't need to blow air, the smell of vodka needs to slowly disappear. This is a very cute method, but it is also a more effective method to basically eliminate the dirt and smell of the inner wall of the glass bong king atomizer.

  5. Tilt method Place a piece of paper towel flat on the table and place the atomizer on the table. It takes about 24 hours for the smoke liquid in the lookah glass mist atomizer to slowly discharge. Then rinse with warm water, and finally blow dry with a hair dryer. This is also a more effective method.