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Etsy water pipe have come a long way

by linbin on May 14, 2020


  New things always go through all kinds of twists and turns.In China, transboundary species, along with various new concepts, stimulate new things, especially new things that stimulate the interests of all parties.Online games were once called the ninth art.Online games are new things that span the Internet and games, so zhu jun named his company "the ninth city".Over the past 20 years, online games have grown rapidly amid questions about society.On the one hand, online games have made Chen tianqiao, ding lei and now xiao ma the richest men in China, even on various wealth lists.They and their companies also have unlimited views and fight every day for money, but at the same time, as their children play games, they are involved in suspected social lookah bongs responsibility.

water pipes

  Strictly speaking, e-cigarettes are not a new thing, nor are they a complex thing, but the development process has been tortuous.The reason is that there are too many labels on the body.The "made in China" label should count.The first e-cigarette was invented in China in 2004, when a pharmacist named han li decided to quit after seeing his father smoking for years.But he found that most of the world's smoking cessation products were effective and began developing them.His idea is to retain nicotine, which is addictive to smoking, remove the most harmful burning substances, such as tar, and reduce the harm caused by tobacco.

  Hanley patented the device in 2003 and began industrial production the following may.A product called "cigarette" quickly spread across the Yangtze river, making hanli the world's acknowledged father of e-cigarettes.After a brief period of success, the media found out that "like smoke" had faked the effect of electronic smoking cessation, which even led to a lawsuit.At the same time, the rise of similar copycat products, so that smoke and other great harm.

  In the international market, the e-cigarette market has also exploded, but the smoke has gone through a roller-coaster ride.On the one hand, if the smog in the United States has been applied for the patent of atomized king volcano bong, but not for a long time, the United States will issue a total ban on the import of e-cigarette.Then, if tobacco grew worse abroad, the economy lost 444 million yuan in 2009.After years of losses, Ruyan was acquired by the world's fourth-largest tobacco company in 2013.

  With the acquisition of tobacco brands, infinite snow like smoke, and the creation of his "Hanli", like the name of the enterprise, became a past like smoke, rising with the wind.After 10 years of savage growth, global e-cigarette sales reached about 80 billion yuan in 2017.

  The trend of Chinese smartphone brands is well known in the world.Foxconn and huawei also have large and small handset factories in shenzhen, making the city a global handset factory.But few people know that e-cigarettes are also "made in China."Shenzhen is also a manufacturing center for e-cigarettes.

  Shenzhen, which supplies more than 95 per cent of the world's e-cigarettes, leads the field of exploration, according to Reuters statistics cited by shenzhen media.The so-called exploration, which has been escalating, also includes second-generation e-cigarettes and third-generation products in shenzhen.Although e-cigarettes are not popular in China, they are "made all over the world."

  In addition to being made in China, glass bong china are being labeled more.

  At the CCTV 315 party in 2019, e-cigarettes were found to have become popular through concepts such as "health" and "cool".Many e-cigarette users do not consider themselves "smokers", preferring instead to be referred to as "smokers".Promoted by vendors and "players," e-cigarettes are even associated with labels like "street," "trend," "subculture," and "steampunk."

  In addition to "smoking" and "quitting smoking," e-cigarettes have become a cultural symbol and even a cultural trend that goes beyond consumption and treatment.All I can say is that e-cigarettes are working.And the more labels the e-cigarette industry adds, the more entanglements and pain it will suffer.