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The outbreak of lung diseases in the United States is claimed to have been caused by the suspected dab rig, and India is considering a total ban.

by linbin on April 21, 2020
 CDC claimed dab rig Killed Users in Illinois

  U.S. health officials, including the Centers for Disease Control, pointed out that the recent illness in Illinois caused by dab rig may lead to death. This is due to a series of serious diseases in various parts of the United States, all of which are attributed to dab rig (actually there is little actual evidence).

  Since the end of June, a large number of patients (mostly young people) in 22 states have reported severe pulmonary symptoms, of which Illinois is one of the most serious populations. There are 22 cases in the United States. According to media reports, all victims reported using steam products, but they did not specify when to use the steam mini dab rig product or how long it would take for symptoms to appear.
rick and morty glass dab rig
  According to reports, some victims said they found THC to be the main illusory drug in marijuana.

  The fact that all the victims are ill is strong indirect evidence that marijuana is responsible for their diseases. Although it is worth noting that even the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have not made it clear whether marijuana is the cause of the disease. Worryingly, the media and many American doctors have shown that dab rig is dangerous. That is wrong.

  India Threatens to Completely Ban Steam

  Due to the death in Illinois, India's Ministry of Health is pushing for a total ban on steam products. India has now promulgated a number of state laws; Some states, including haryana, kerala, jammu, punjab and kashmir, have listed dab rig as an "unauthorized drug" and banned its sale. Now, federal officials are pushing for harm-reducing products.

  He said: "India has the second largest number of smokers among all countries, with more than 100 million Indians smoking. China also has some unique and dangerous local tobacco products, including bidi cigarettes wrapped in leaves (the only tobacco that is more harmful than ordinary cigarettes) and several chewing cigarettes "reinforced" with quicklime. More than 900,000 people die each year from tobacco and smoking-related diseases, so safer substitutes are needed.

  Yul will face another court battle.

  Another lawsuit against dab rig manufacturer JUULLabs has been launched, claiming that the company intends to sell its products to teenagers. Although Juul uses adult models in its marketing and has implemented more than 21 sales policies through its online stores, the company frequently mentions the "youth smoke epidemic" scare, attracting more and more people to claim that JUULe- cigarettes have turned their children into desperate drug addicts.

  The latest case was brought by a Missouri woman and her 14-year-old daughter. They said they could not legally buy Yoel products anywhere in the United States, but it was clear that the manufacturer was to blame for her own violations.

  This portable dab rig lawsuit is mainly to copy and paste the unfounded allegations made in other lawsuits, and we have been actively arguing for more than a year, "yul said.

  North Carolina Prosecutes Steam Suppliers

  In another legal attack, North Carolina's Attorney General announced on Tuesday that he plans to prosecute not less than eight glass dab rigs steam product suppliers. He said that these suppliers "have been" actively targeting children and do not need appropriate proof of age. "One of the target companies responded angrily that they did use the age verification service provided by a third party and no one could buy from their website without proving that they were over 18 years old.