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Dab rig giant JULL stopped selling menthol bombs in the United States, leaving only tobacco and menthol products.

by linbin on April 21, 2020
According to foreign reports, KCCrosthwaite, Chief Executive Officer of small dab rigLabs, said on Thursday that small dab rig Labs would immediately stop selling mints online and would stop accepting orders from retailers.

  Yule announced last month that it would stop selling products other than tobacco, mint and menthol. Some anti-smoking organizations criticized the move as far from enough. Yule now said that it would insist on selling Virginia tobacco, classic tobacco and menthol products only in the United States.

  The company said the decision came after a study released earlier this week showed mint was attractive to young people. The study, published in the medical journal JAMA, found that nearly 60% of high school students use electric dab rig, and mint is the most popular taste among 10th and 12th graders in the United States.

  A study found that an estimated 2.4 million high school students and high school students used dab rig, a condiment. Fruit is the most common taste category, with 66.1% in senior high school, 67.7% in junior high school, followed by menthol or menthol, 57.3% in senior high school and 31.1% in junior high school.
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  Crosswaite said in a statement that these results are unacceptable, which is why we must cooperate with regulators, attorneys general, public health officials and other stakeholders to crack down on the use of minors. We must reclassify dab rig in the United States to win the trust of society. We will support FDA's upcoming policy of seasoning dab rig and will follow PMTA procedures.

  The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (USFoodandDrugAdministration) is expected to issue final regulations soon to remove the taste of some nicotine electronic aerosols from the U.S. market.

  Yoel said on Thursday that he had not yet lobbied the government to draft its flavor guide.

  Last month, more than 50 health and propaganda groups wrote to US Health and Public Service Secretary AlexAzar and First Lady MELANIATRUMP urging the Trump government to support a plan to require mini dab rig to withdraw all condiments, including mint and menthol, from the market.

  These organizations said they were responding to recent media reports that the Trump administration might withdraw from its previous position by adding the exception of mint and menthol.

  Support groups often think seasoning is an important tool to help adult smokers stop smoking with flammable cigarettes.

  According to small dab rig's official statement, as part of Crosthwaite's review of JUULLabs policies and practices, the company has:

  1. Avoid lobbying the government to formulate a draft flavor guide.

  2. All radio, print and digital product advertisements in the United States have been suspended.

  3. Stop selling mango, butter, fruit and cucumber flavors online in the United States and accept FDA review. In November 2018, JUULLabs stopped selling these products to all traditional retail partners.

  4. Announced a reorganization plan to align the company's organization and resources with its main priorities: to win trust by reducing and preventing the use of minors, to invest in scientific research to ensure the quality of its PMTA application in the United States, and to expand its commitment to developing new technologies.

  Stop active support for proposal c in San Francisco.

  5. Crosswaite and the leading group will continue to review JUULLabs' policies and practices and take appropriate actions during the company's efforts to combat the use of minors and win social trust.

  As of today, small dab rig Laboratory only sells Virginia tobacco, classic tobacco and menthol in the United States. It will not sell under any name unless FDA approval is obtained in the PMTA project.