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Internet channels have been banned. What is the development direction of glass pipes custom?

by linbin on April 22, 2020

n Nov. 7, alibaba issued a notice saying it would now remove e-cigarette products from its shelves as required by regulations.But the interesting financial discovery is that it can continue to buy e-cigarettes through platforms like Tmall.With the exception of Tmall taobao, several major e-commerce sites in China have been removed from the shelves of all glass pipes custom products.

  On November 1, the state tobacco monopoly administration and the state administration of market supervision jointly issued a "notice on further protecting minors from the infringement of glass pipes custom straw", urging glass pipes custom manufacturers, marketers and individuals to close down the online sales website or customers of glass pipes custom.Urge the e-commerce platform to timely close the glass pipes custom store and remove the glass pipes custom products from the shelves;Call on glass pipes custom manufacturers, sales companies or individuals to withdraw glass pipes custom advertisements posted online.

  On the day of the announcement, joy pool, grapefruit, platinum and other glass pipes custom brands issued statements supporting the regulatory requirements.

  Pry traditional tobacco market, glass pipes custom become the wind of 2019.

  In 2003, glass pipes custom, the first "smoke", was created in China.In 2005, after seven and a half months on the market, it generated 230 million yuan in sales.At its peak in 2007-2008, the company's sales were close to 1 billion yuan.The company says it sold more than 300,000 units of glass pipes custom in 2008.

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  In December 2006, hong kong-listed Jinlong Group signed a memorandum of understanding to acquire the glass pipes custom business from hanli as a shareholder.In November 2007, Jinlong Group announced that it had changed its name to Ruyan Group, with a share price of hk $116 and a market value of nearly hk $120 billion.Meanwhile, tobacco products, such as those exported to Europe and the United States, are popular overseas.

  For example, the popularity of cigarettes has attracted other manufacturers to follow suit. For example, the market share of cigarettes has been continuously compressed, and the hidden dangers of glass pipes custom have been constantly questioned. For example, glass pipes custom, as the sales representative of glass pipes custom, is deteriorating, and the glass pipes custom industry is gradually in a tepid state.

  This continued until 2018.

  Liu yue (not his real name), sales director for foreign brand China glass pipes custom, told Quaike Finance that the us company Juulglass pipes custom was invented in 2018 to make glass pipes custom small and portable, causing glass pipes custom to catch fire again.

  Li lei, a biology PhD from the Chinese academy of sciences, also told interesting finance that glass pipes custom is difficult to slice because of the strong position of traditional tobacco in China.However, with the introduction of the basic health and health promotion law in 2018, traditional tobacco has suffered a lot.People involved in traditional tobacco also tell it that production has been on the decline for the past two years.

  It took advantage of the huge traditional tobacco market and the high profits.In 2018, glass pipes custom has become a "new favorite" in the creative industry.

  Capital poured in and glass pipes custom attracted a lot of attention.2019 is considered to be the year of glass pipes custom's wobble, and many entrepreneurs are also aiming at the glass pipes custom track.

  Lack of effective supervision in the name of "health"

  Whether it is the first glass pipes custom brand, or the current yue diao, magic flute, grapefruit, platinum, etc., when launched in the market, under the name of "health".However, since 2018, glass pipes custom has been favored by capital and is in a state of lack of supervision. So far, the glass pipes custom industry has been developing rapidly.

  At this year's 315 gala, CCTV exposed the dangers of glass pipes custom, saying it had randomly purchased eight types of glass pipes custom liquid through the market and sent them to the laboratory for inspection, where staff found that some contained excessive nicotine.CCTV host said that through scientific experiments, glass pipes custom contains many harmful substances, as harmful as cigarettes.

  Nicotine is addictive in traditional cigarettes and produces tar and carbon monoxide from burning tobacco, which is harmful to humans, liu told keck financial.Glass pipes custom is mainly used to release glass pipes custom smokers through nicotine, rather than causing harm to the human body.

  At the same time, because the glass pipes custom industry is in a brutal development stage, the industry has not unified standards, and even some entrants also use inferior raw materials and processes, making today's market of glass pipes custom products uneven.


  The original intention of glass pipes custom is to enable smokers to quit smoking through technical means. However, with the continuous development of glass pipes custom industry, many brands are developing towards the direction of youth and trend, and with the continuous influx of funds, more employees' mentality is just "queuing" and "capital".

  Glass pipes custom industry is a marathon, with a long-term perspective, for the practitioners, it is impossible to achieve glass pipes custom soon, but as a long-term cause to do.